This Week in Masks – 11/2

This week I had a major reaction to the cleansing oil in the Memebox From Jeju box and dealt with a big breakout all week! Boo :(. See the great thing about having combination skin is there are no products I specifically exclude myself from trying.  The bad thing is that since I don’t avoid specific things sometimes a product will react badly.  I try a lot of different products on my face so I expect to have some reactions but this weeks masks are big on aloe and tea tree to help me calm my face!

A’pieu Nonco tea tree spot patches.  I used a ton of these this week and they are fantastic!  They really help get reduce my blemishes quicker.  I put them on in the evening and wear them all night until morning.  Seriously I had like 5 of these babies on Tuesday when I was really fighting the acne!
Etude House I Need You Aloe Mask – these are my favorite paper sheet masks.  This one had an odd smell not bad but maybe slightly perfumey.  I’m super sensitive to smells so I probably will not get any more of the aloe type of these masks.  I did think it was nice and soothing for my irritated face.
Tonymoly Changing U Magic Mask Tea Tree.  I really liked this mask and it helped my face feel a lot better.  It had a very strong tea tree scent which luckily I like.  It took me way back in the day when I used to use the Paul Mitchell tea tea shampoo and conditioner! 😉
Innisfree aloe hydro gel mask. I really like hydro gel masks and this one is no exception.  It comes in two pieces for the top and bottom half of your face so helps it to fit much better than a one piece mask.  The only real issue I have is it’s quite slippery so kinda hard to get placed and you definitely better not move around to much or it will fall off your face!
I also did a couple of foot masks since sandal season is over!
Innisfree special care mask elbow and heels.  I tried this out on my heels.  
The actual patch is a bandage type material which was strange and you were supposed to leave them on all night – they were sticky.  I lasted until about 2 in the morning and they were driving me crazy so I pulled them off.  I got a good 6 hours though and my heels were slightly softer but I didn’t notice a huge difference.
Nature Republic Lemon Foot & Nature Peeling Foot Mask. As I’ve never used a peeling foot mask before I asked over in the Makeup Talk forums for a recommendation of a peeling foot mask and this is one of them someone mentioned.  I used this Tuesday and as of Saturday there is no peeling yet – I know it can take a while.  I’m both scared and anxious for the peeling to start!  This one was nice as it didn’t have a terrible chemical smell like some peeling masks can.  This was faintly chemical but mostly lemony.  The outside of the masks was different than others I’ve used and was a bit more slippery I think but I didn’t walk in them much.  I do wish that these had an attached sticky to close them as I had to put hair ties to close them up.  The hair ties were too tight so after about 20 minutes I ran upstairs to get some tape and about bit it on my hardwood (downstairs is all carpeted)!  So next time I will be prepared!    UPDATE – Sunday morning and peeling has begun and it is pretty gross!  I will take at least several more days to fully peel but I’m excited to get softer feet!
That’s it for this week!  What masks did you use this week?

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