Julep Maven November 2014 Review & Swatches

Julep Maven boxes always ship really early in the month which is great!  To see my last review and more information on Julep click here.  This month there were some great winter colors to choose from.  Also the beauty item was a mascara which I don’t use so I chose this IT Girl box which does not have the beauty item.

First Look
This box also came with a couple candies and an extra plié wand cap.  I do have the plié wand which is supposed to make painting your nails easier but I haven’t quite mastered it yet.
Lisa – Ink blue Creme – I don’t have any colors like this and I think it’s very pretty!
Marzia – Pewter Chrome
Kiki – Oceanic Silver Shimmer
Devon – Slate Grey with Fuchsia microshimmer.  I added this polish on to my order and I’m glad I did.  It’s hard to see in the picture but the fuchsia microshimmer is gorgeous.  
I had enough Jules for a free box (you get Jules for every dollar you spend) so I only paid for the add on $6.99.  I’m very happy with these colors and am excited to try them out soon!

Author: had4567


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