November Golden Tote Review

My November Golden Tote arrived Wednesday!  This month I wasn’t going to order a tote but there was one item I couldn’t resist.  I ordered 1 small tote this month which was $56.95 shipped.  If you are not familiar with Golden Tote click here for my previous post which explains it!  Let’s see what I got this month.

My package had an adventure getting to me and got a bit scrunched!  Fortunately everything inside was fine.
My tote!

Mak B Chunky Grey Sweater.  This was my chosen item and I just love it for winter.  It is a bit big on me but it’s so cozy I know I’ll wear this a ton!

Lumiere polka dot top.  At first I thought the polka dots would be too much for me but I really like it.  It fits me perfectly and I think it will look nice with jeans or with pants for work.
This was the first time I’ve gotten a small tote as I’ve always gotten a large one before.  I really happy with this and glad to have a cheaper option for a tote that I can still get a couple of great pieces from!
If you would like to try Golden Tote I would appreciate if you would use my referral link here !

Author: had4567

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