Memebox Princess Edition 6 Cinderella Unboxing

The final princess Memebox I’m going to unbox is Cinderella.  I has high hopes for this one as I thought it would be a makeover box!  Let’s see what I got.

First Look
Product Card
Eclaire Color- Blast Lip Cream Matte Finish. 5ml. Value $29.  This seems too high a value but I couldn’t find it anywhere.  There were two colors available Rhodes and Santorini.  I received Santorini which is a coral color but it looks quite pink to me.  This has a matte finish and is vegetable oil based.  This is way too bright for my taste so will sell it.
How to use – Apply a layer of lip cream for a natural pigmentation.  For more volume and gloss, apply multiple layers or a lip gloss over lip cream to add extra shimmer.
Color World Setting Powder. Value $24.  There were two colors available orange and lavender (which I got).  I’m glad I got lavender as that works with my skin tone. I will give this a try as I can always use a setting powder.
How to use – Wear the powder over BB cream or foundation to set in makeup or wear it alone on bare skin.
Eclaire Color-Blast Blusher #Santorini Coral 3.5g. Value $32.  That’s a crazy value and I doubt this is worth that much but I can’t find it elsewhere.  I didn’t open it up but it’s pretty small and doesn’t look particularly special to me but it does come with a separate case.  I don’t wear blush so this will go right to the sale pile.
Tonymoly BCDation All Master SPF30 PA++ 20g. Value $9.60. This makeup base functions as a BB cream, CC cream and foundation.  I have received this before in another Memebox and I received the previous type of this Tonymoly BCDation the BB cream in a Luckybox.   That would have been great if I liked this but it just doesn’t work for me – it’s a bit too thick and the wrong color.  I hope they don’t send any more of the same thing.
How to use – Apply a pearl-sized amount evenly over the face.  Apply more onto T-zone and under eye area for a highlighting effect.  Follow with powder application.
Anis Double Act Curling Essence. 200g. Value $6. This hair product includes grape seed oil and various natural moisturizers.  This looks like a decent moisturizing hair product but I have some others I want to try so I will sell this.
How to use – apply directly over towel-dried hair.  Re-apply after blow drying hair to give a moist, lustrous finish to your locks.

Macqueen Concealer Dual Veil. 8g. Value $6.56 from Korea Depart. I think this is a nice concealer as one end is a sold stick for covering spots and the other end is a liquid concealer for under eye area and evening out skin.  There were two colors your could get a darker one and a lighter one.  Unfortunately this is too dark for me so I will have to sell this.
How to use – Apply small amounts of each concealer over areas with darkened spots or signs of fine wrinkles.
Ladykin At the Party Long & Perm Mascara. Value $10.  This mascara is unique in that it has dual brush.  It has a round ball like brush on the end plus the regular stick brush.  I don’t wear mascara so I will sell this.
How to use – use the stick part of the brush to curl up lashes.  Then take the rounded part of the brush to accentuate and fill in either upper, lower or full lashes.

I calculate a value of $117.60 and I only paid $23.23 for it.  I’m actually quite disappointed in this box.  I expected some makeup but this is all makeup and one hair product.  Didn’t Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother use some skincare on her?  I know that is the risk you take with surprise boxes and I haven’t had a bad one from Memebox in a while so I’m not too disappointed. 

This box is sold out but there are always many great boxes for sale at Memebox.

Click here on my affiliate link or one of my banners to buy some boxes now!  For orders over $30 (not including shipping and taxes) you can use code LV585Z for $5 off (one use per account).  Also I am more and more impressed with the Memeshop and the US Memshop if you are a U.S. Resident so check those out too – one tip is to wait until items go on sale

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