Memebox Superbox 70 Thumbs Up! Bloggers Picks Unboxing

I intentionally held off doing my review of this box for several days after I received it.  I wanted to let my initial reaction to it settle in and wanted to decide how I would approach my review.  What I’ve decided is I will separate my feelings about the curation of the box from my thoughts about the products that it contains.

First my issues with the curation of the box. The description of the box when I purchased it included this sentence “Our beauty blogger are obsessed with these skin, hair, body, and makeup goodies – testing them – and we’ve taken their top favorites and boxed it up into this Thumbs Up: Bloggers’ Picks Box!”  I follow many of the Memebox bloggers on their blogs, social media and forums and I knew they received a survey of what should be included in this box.  I’ve gotten to know what some of their favorite types of products are and some have become some of my favorites too.  I just don’t believe that most of these products were the most popular ones picked by some of the more knowledgable bloggers in the K-beauty and Memebox community.  Mostly it feels like Memebox was cleaning out their warehouse!  It’s disappointing and I certainly will not be purchasing another of this type of box.  I did purchase the Memebox Empties box which has a similar theme and I will not cancel it as I want the box it’s bundled with but I think this will be the end of these type of boxes for me unless something changes.  At this point I just don’t trust Memebox to curate these appropriately.  To be clear, I think the Luckyboxes which Memebox puts out, and also include products from previous boxes, are a different genre of box and many of those have been quite good!
Ok I’ve said my peace on that so on to the unboxing and my thoughts on the products!
First Look
Product Card
N.S.M. Reborn Tint Exciting Snow Cooling Tint. Value $18…  I received this product in the cooling care Memebox and I was not impressed then and am not now.   It’s supposed to leave your lips soothed without being glossy or sticky.  I don’t think this aged well as the other one I received didn’t look like this and I sold it.  This looks really chalky and gross so I don’t even feel comfortable selling or giving this away.
How to use – Apply the tint to lips from the inner contours for a natural gradation.
Ladykin Aqua Exfoliator For Body. 150ml. Value $14.  I received this in the first OMG box but I never used it.  In fact I gave it away in my build your own Memebox giveaway. I thought this body exfoliator sounded interesting.  However since this box came out I have heard it may not be very effective.  I’m not super happy to have another one. 
How to use – after taking a shower, towel dry your wet body, and evenly spray the Aqua Exfoliator on areas you wish to remove dead skin cells. Then gently massage and roll away the now visible dead skin cells and impurities with your hands. 
Croquis Dual Concealer. 8.1g. Value $27.  This came in the Girls Night Out box which I did not get so this is new to me.  This contains an anti-wrinkle concealer and spot concealer in a dual end wand. This color appears to match my skin so I will give this a try I think. I don’t mind this as I can always use concealer.  I don’t think it’s worth more this $5-$6 though. 
How to use –apply the anti-wrinkle concealer over areas with fine lines and wrinkles and apply the spot concealer over read spots and breakouts, basically to coverup any visible skin imperfections whenever needed.
HAIR + Velvet Nutri-Injection 12ml. Value $5.  This came in one of the jackpot boxes. This is a treatment for damaged hair.  I will try this but I need to double check the ingredients to make sure it’s ok for color treated hair since I have highlights.  This is a leave in treatment. 
How to use – Squeeze out the treatment and massage it into your hair thoroughly. 
Evas Cosmetics Vitamin Cleansing Dessert. 130g. Value $18. This came in the My Cute Wishlist 2 box which I didn’t get so this is new to me.  There were several types you could get: Berry mix, lemon, red wine or coconut & cacao.  I got red wine which probably would have been my pick. This dessert is a makeup remover which cleans down to the pores. I’ve got a lot of cleanser so I’m not sure if I will keep this but I am happy to get this in this box.  
How to use – Massage gently into wet face to remove makeup and impurities. 
23 Years Old Air-Laynic Pore Mask. Value $14. Ugh this is the third one of these I’ve  gotten from Memeboxes.  I think this is a nice product it’s just not my thing. It’s a pore mask for your nose and cheek area.   I prefer to use a whole face mask. I have already sold this to someone who loves these so I’m happy about that!
How to use – spread the ampoule over the included mask sheets and place it over your nose and cheeks area. Rest for 30 minutes as the ampoule reacts to your skin and it may actually sting a bit like a real clinic therapy. Remove the mask and rinse off.
Purebees Galactomyces 100%. 50ml. Value $15. This came in the Whole Grains box and I did receive this but I also gave this away in my Build your Own Memebox giveaway. I’m really glad to get another one as I wanted to try this. This is a toner that is moisturizing and has anti-aging effects. 
How to use – In the first step of your skincare, take 1-2 drops on your hands and pay it into skin. Then apply and emulsion or a moistuzing cream afterwards. 
Secret Key Color Recipe The Pink Cream. 55g. Value $34. This came in the Pinkaholic box which I did get. I still have that one and I plan to use it. It targets fine lines and wrinkles and is interesting as it has little capsules of cream in the gel based mask.  Since I already have one I may sell this. 
How to use – gently massage the cream all over face until all the capsules from the cream pop and absorb completely into the skin. 
I calculate a value of $145 for this box and I only paid $30.18 for it.   I don’t think it’s worth that much but I do think its worth what I paid for it. Despite the curation issues with this box there are some nice products in here. 

This box is sold out and Memebox has been slow with releasing new boxes lately so there is not a lot to choose from.  There are a few boxes out there and some nice value sets the last time I checked!

Click here on my affiliate link or one of my banners to buy some boxes or shop products now!  For orders over $30 (not including shipping and taxes) you can use code LV585Z for $5 off (one use per account).

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