Beauteque Mask Grab Bags Unboxing

Recently Beauteque offered sheet mask grab bags. You would get 10 mystery masks for $15. You could chose 2 skin needs for your masks to target. I chose acne and soothing.  I don’t have a ton of acne but I recently had an breakout and I realized I didn’t have many acne masks to use.  Let’s see what I got!

First Look
Missha Pure Source Raspberry Sheet Mask. This mask firms and nourishes skin.  I’ve used Missha Pure Source masks before and they don’t fit my face well. Also I try to avoid parabens where possible and the mask does have parabens in it. This is certainly not the only sheet mask that has parabens and it  won’t stop me from using it but I probably wouldn’t repurchase. 
Missha Pure Source Tea Tree. I love tea tree products for when my skin is irritated. This is the same as the raspberry mask in that it contains parabens. I’ll use it but will not repurchase.
Etude House I Need You Tea Tree oh ya!  These are my fav cheap paper sheet masks by far from any I’ve used.  No parabens in this one!
Etude House I Need You Pearl. I’ve used this pearl mask before and it’s nice.  It’s brightens skin and is full of amino acids and minerals
Ecopure Essential Kiwi Juice.  This mask only had its ingredients in Korean on it so I had to do a little research and it does contain parabens. I have never used a kiwi mask before so I’m I interested to try this.
My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask. I received this mask from Beauteque before and when I used it I liked it. MBD masks are nice, decent quality cheap masks.  This one smells quite nice.
My Beauty Diary Aloe Mask. I bought a whole box of these and have used several of them.  They are very soothing for my face!
My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask. I have another one of these but I haven’t tried it yet. This contains black pearl essence from Tahiti which helps to brighten and soothe skin. I think I’ll try this one soon.
My Beauty Diary Coix Seed Mask. I have another one of these too but haven’t tried it out yet. This mask is soothing and brightening.  It also includes quite a few herbal extracts and seaweed.
Daylight & Hue Mango Essence Mask. I have never heard of this brand before but I do love mango. Mango is soothing and helps with acne. This mask also had far fewer ingredients listed than the other masks and that’s kinda nice too.  I like simpler products. 
I also got a couple of samples.
I paid $16.11 with tax for this assortment of masks.  I’m happy with the selection and variety!

Author: had4567

2 thoughts on “Beauteque Mask Grab Bags Unboxing”

  1. I think these little mask grab bags were a great deal to try out some new/mystery masks! 😀 I love sheet masks and I'm a huge fan of Missha, but I absolutely despise their sheet masks. They make my face burn, don't fit or stick very well, and just all-around stink. I do use them up when I get them though, because they don't really break me out or give me any irritation, they just burn…and yea…not a fan of that! I love MBD masks, no matter how many I have/get/try, I'm always happy to have more! This was a great haul!


  2. I was really happy with this but I'm a sucker for grab bags anyhow! Missha are not my favorite masks but I will use them. Etude House are my favorite paper masks and then probably the MBD masks – they are so nice for the price! That's terrible that Missha masks burn u! I cannot tolerate any that burn for very long – I usually take them off early I don't care if they are working I don't like the burning feeling!!


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