Barkbox November Unboxing

The November Barkbox is Thanksgiving and food themed!  Barkbox is a dog subscription box that sends you treats, toys and other items for dogs. Lucy, my mini dachshund loves this box and I’ve been getting them for her for several months now.  Let’s see what we got!

First Look
Product Card
Swag Company Cornucopia. Value $11.  This toy is custom made and it’s really 5 toys in one as each of the little fruit and veggie toys inside has a squeaker!  Lucy the toy destroyer has already killed 2 of these toys but at least we have 3 more to go!
Plato EOS Turkey & Sweet Potato treats. Value $6. These treats are grain free, GMO free and made with over 90% fresh natural USA turkey. We already tried them out and they were a little big but did break up.  They were oddly soft though I guess due to the sweet potato. Lucy loved them!
Safemade Apawthecary Cleaning Wipes. Value $4. There are 30 little wipes in here.  I always think little wipes like this are handy as dogs do get dirty and a little cleanup is necessary. Since Lucy is short haired I can’t give her a bath too often or her skin dries out so these are nice for in between bath times.
Petsmate Chef Heggies.  Value $10. This little hedgehog toy was custom made for Barkbox. Is so cute I almost don’t want to let Lucy have it!
Caru Pet Food Company Beef Stew. Value $6. This stew is actually made with human grade ingredients and actually sounds kinda good. I’m afraid this will be too rich for my little dog so we will give this to a bigger dog friend. I probably could eat it as it’s human grade but I’m not gonna! 🙂
I paid $16.29 for this box and we got  $37 worth of products.  I love getting these boxes for Lucy as we get unique and quality things!

Author: had4567

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