Ladykin Vanpir Dark Repairing Water Mask Review

Happy Thanksgiving!!  This year I’m thankful for family, friends, my furbaby Lucy, health and happiness.  Also thankful for finding the amazing K-Beauty world!  Not only are the products great but the people in the community are so helpful and caring to others!  Ok on to my review!
I received the LadyKin Vanpir Dark Repairing Water Mask in the Miracle Masks Memebox.  I’ve used it a few times now and I’m excited to share my review with you. 

This is an anti-wrinkle and repairing sleeping pack made from “dragons blood resin” from the Amazon.   Dragons blood is a resin that is removed from the fruit of a tree (seems a couple different trees that produce this).  It’s known for its healing and antioxidant properties.  

Lately I’ve been much more conscious of the ingredients I use on my face due to some recent breakouts ugh!  Mostly I look things up on a great website called Here are the ingredients and any triggers (not many)

The product itself comes in a nice glass jar.  It also comes with a little spatula to scoop the product out. My favorite products are in tubes as they are more hygenic but that wouldn’t work for this product – more on that in a minute. 

The first thing I noticed when I opened is its a jelly white opaque color.  
It’s surprisingly thick.  Not thick like most gels or creams I’ve used which are still liquid.  The consistency most resembles Jello to me. So see I think it would be too thick to be in a tube. 
Don’t do what I did with my first scoopful!  It went right down the sink. It was so much thicker than I thought it would be and I didn’t anticipate it staying solid but it does!
Second try I picked up less on the spatula and it worked well.

It’s  quite easy to spread on your face and really a small amount goes a long way. I put it all over my face and neck 
One thing I do not like is it has a perfume scent.  I’m quite sensitive to smells and really I wish all skincare was unscented. I have found that most sleep masks do have a perfume scent. I think it’s supposed to help you sleep.  It doesn’t help me sleep at all! 🙂  This one only lingers for 10-15 minutes or so and it’s not bad so I can tolerate it. It stays a little dewy on your skin for a bit so I wouldn’t recommend using it immediately before bed but it sinks in about 10-15 minutes when the smell dissipates.
I left the mask on all night. When I washed it off in the morning my face did feel moisturized and soft. I have used it 3 times over the last week and I have not had a reaction to it. If I’m going to have a reaction I would typically have had it by now.  If that changes I will let you know!
I prefer to rotate my masks each night. Typically I rotate doing a sheet mask with a sleep mask or a wash off mask every couple of nights. This one is definitely going to stay into my rotation.  
So would I repurchase this after it’s gone?  Probably not. One it’s quite tough to find when I did a quick internet search.  Tester Korea let’s you request products so I could do that but I’m not sure how much it would cost but I would guess at least $20 USD. I like this but for me there are cheaper and more easily available products that are just as effective for me (i.e. Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping Pack and To Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack are a couple). I’m very glad to get to try this though!

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