Build Your Own Sheet Mask Box Giveway!!

Recently I was doing an inventory of my sheet masks and realized I had a lot.  Like over a year’s supply a lot.  Somehow I can’t stop myself from buying them so why not do a giveaway!!  This time I will have a first place and second place winner!!

This contest will be open to US residents only.  Sorry international people but I’m kinda scared of customs issues – if anyone has an tips for me on running a international giveaway (shipping etc.) please let me know as I’d love to open up a future giveaway to international people.

Please read the official rules below before entering.

First place winner will pick 10 of the following sheet masks.  Second place winner will pick 5 of the following sheet masks (First place winner will get first choice so you may be asked to pick again if your chosen masks are taken).

3W Clinic
  Fresh snail
Daylight & Hue
  Ginseng Black Mask
  Gold Hydrogel (2)
  Snail Vitalising
Etude House – I Need You
  Green tea
  Vitamin Complex
  Korean Gingseng
  Job’s Tears
  Hyaluronic Acid
Etude House 
 Darling Snail gel mask
  Total Aging Care
Innisfree Skin Solution
 Total Care (4)
  Pore (3)
  Lifting (3)
  Hydrating (4)
  Wrinkle Care (2)
  Whitening (2)
  Trouble Care (2)
Innisfree It’s Real
  Avocado (2)
  Green Tea (2)
  Perfect Pore Control
  Mememask hydrogel (4)
Missha Pure Source
  Tea Tree
My Beauty Diary
  Strawberry Yogurt
  Coix Seed
  Aloe (8)
  Pearl Powder
  Royal Jelly
  Red wine
  Hyaluronic Acid
Nature Republic
  Snail Solution (6)
Psy Energy Factory
  Psy mask
Pure Smile
  Yogurt Essence Mix Fruit (2)
  Japanese Sake (5)
  Rice Bran
  Black Raspberry
Secret Key
Shara Shara
  Real Sauce Lemon
Simply When 
  Present Perfect (2)
  Skin Clinic Essence Repairing
  Skin Clinic Essence Waterdrop
  Skin Clinic Essence Energy
To Be Nang
  Snail Face and Neck
  Snail hydrogel
  Snail gold hydrogel 
Tonymoly Changing U
  Red Wine
  Black Pearl
  Hyaluronic Acid
  Bee My Love Shimmering

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1.  This giveaway is sponsored solely by Mylittlesubscriptionboxblog.  There will be one (1) first place and one (1) second place winner.

2.  First place winner will have his or her choice of a total of 10 single items listed above.   Second place winner will have his or her choice of a total of 5 single items listed above.  First place winner will have selection priority.

3.  Must have a valid U.S. (United States) address to qualify as a winner.

4.  Please enter responsibly.  All winning entries will be verified.

5.  Winner must respond within 48 hours with their name, address and product choices or another winner will be chosen.

6.  Rules subject to change without notice.

7. All masks have been inspected by Lucy the miniature dachshund!  Seriously though, she has sniffed them all so if you are allergic to dogs please take note.  Good luck!

Author: had4567

25 thoughts on “Build Your Own Sheet Mask Box Giveway!!”

  1. Thank you for the awesome giveaway! So many wonderful selections. I have a lot of favorite sheet mask brands lol, (kind of a sheet mask hoarder and here I am trying to win some more >.< ). To name one it would have to be MBD, they were my first sheet masks and I like them to this day ^^


  2. I'm totally sheet mask hoarder and I can never stop myself from ordering some when I do a K-beauty order. MBD masks are really nice, I think they are my favorite after Etude House!


  3. My Scheming is a Taiwanese brand like MBD. I like MBD masks but I prefer My Scheming because the mask sheets are thinner, the fit is better, and the consistency of the essence helps the mask stay on your face better (I like to multitask, so my mask needs to stay on while I walk around my apartment :-)! ) They also have more varieties for oily, acne prone skin. Yesstyle, Sasa, and iMomoko sell them(you can also find them on eBay.)

    Bio Republic is a brand i just discovered in the past couple of months. They're based in Atlanta, Ga. I ordered a sample of one of their masks for a Halloween giveaway they were doing and fell in love with them. The mask sheets are very thin and they fit my big nose! The consistency of the essence is the best I've ever tried – you can tell I'm a bit obsessed with sheet mask essence viscosity! My face absorbed the essence really well and my face wasn't sticky AT ALL after removing it. The only problem I have with them is that they're $6.95 apiece. >_<


  4. I have a hard time coming up with one brand that is my favorite. VDL Beauty Trip masks are great during the summer, especially their London black tea one. During the winter I need something more and the hydrogels are awesome for this.I have yet to find a favorite hydrogel


  5. What a fun giveaway! Who doesn't love sheet masks? 🙂 I've only used a couple of brands so far, so I'm not sure I could pick a favorite. I did try a Sally's Box hydrogel mask that was pretty cool, though.


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