This Week in Masks – 11/23

Here are the masks I used this week. As winter has really arrived here in KS my combo skin has fully switched over to dry mode so I have been using more hydrating masks.  I also am making sure I use a mask every night. It makes a huge difference.

Ladykin Vanpir Repairing Water Mask. I used this several times this week. Check out my detailed review here!

Innisfree Bija & Aloe Sleeping Mask. I got this in my Innisfree world haul.  It’s a gel mask and there is quite a bit in this little capsule. You can reseal the package and use it several times. This is perfect as you don’t have to buy a big bottle and I like to mix up my masks I use.  This is very nice and helps keep your skin clear with the Bija and soothed with the aloe. It also has a nice clean smell to it, almost a light minty smell to my nose, which I like!
Innisfree Skin Solution Mask Hydrating. Also from my Innisfree world haul. Ok this mask might actually rival my beloved Etude House I Need You Masks as my favorite paper sheet masks!  The actual mask is made from unbleached pure cotton.  The mask looks a little different than most since it’s unbleached it’s not a pretty bright white but that’s actually better for you!  One thing I think is important to know is you will see spots on the sheet which is actually caused by natural cotton seeds. The Innisfree world site warns of this but I noticed some other K-beauty sites don’t include that warning.  The mask had a ton of essence on it and I was worried it would be drippy. However the mask held it in perfectly and it stayed where it needed to be and soaked into my face!  The hyaluronic acid really moisturized my face and it felt great the next day!  Really helped my skin look and feel hydrated. I can’t wait to try out the rest of these!
Leaders Insolution Bio Medi- curing mask. Aqua Dressing. I’ve said if before and I’ll say it again bio cellulose (made from fermented coconut) is the superior method for face sheet masks.  It sticks right to your face and is super effective. These masks which I got in Memebox were no different and I loved it!  They are much pricier and less variety than paper sheet masks though so I like to mix them in with those. 
That’s it did this week. What masks did you use?

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