Memebox Special 66 Petit Treasures

When Memebox released a peitit treasures box I thought it would be little cute shiny stuff!  Let’s see see what I got.

First Look –hmm looks kinda empty. 
Product Card
Recipe By Nature Ice Cream Swing Gloss. 02 Sweet Fiona. 6g. Value $5. This is a lip essence that is scented with fruitiness and is non-sticky and moisturizing. It includes jojoba seed oil, Argan oil and grape seed oil. This sounds like a nice lip gloss and I like the brand Recipe by Nature. I think this is a cute container and totally fits the theme of the box.
How to use – Mix the two swirls – gloss and essence – with your fingertips and apply it over dry lips. 
Shara Shara Revital Magic Cream. 45g. Value $16. I think the girl on this cream is kinda cute.  This cream is enriched with eucalyptus oil and 40 herbal ingredients.  According to Memebox’s description this is gentle, non sticky and helps smoother and erase signs of blemish scars and uneven skin texture. It’s also brightening and firming. I think this sounds like an interesting product.  It does have more natural ingredients so it has a shorter shelf life and should be used by 7/21/15
How to use – spread the cream evenly over clean face. 
Ddung Lovely Girl Mascara. 7ml. Value $24. Um no I don’t think this is cute, I don’t think it’s a treasure, it’s not even petite. Not happy about this at all!  Is just mascara, nothing special
How to use – Brush downwards first and then curl upwards from the roots for extra volume and length. 
Shara Shara Feminine Single Blusher. 1ea. Value $7. This was randomly selected from pale pink or warm apricot. I actually am not sure which one I got as I sold it and forgot to look!  This is a somewhat cute container and it is small. I don’t wear blush though. 
How to use – Use the included cushion puff to apply and blend in the blusher into your cheeks. 
5th item – oh wait there isn’t anything else in this box.  I think that’s crap!  This box was a lower price at $19. However that is just $1 cheaper than VIP pricing on some of the other boxes that got 5 or 6 times. Not happy. 
The listed value for this box is $52 but the mascara is almost half of that value and I don’t believe it’s worth that much!  There are so many cute things in K-Beauty I just don’t think this box was curated appropriately.  I only paid $13.54 for this box as I had a coupon and points so I got my money’s worth but I feel bad for anyone that paid full price. I actually found a lovely lady that purchased this entire box from me for $15 so I pretty much broke even after 

shipping costs. I’m happy that someone can have it that will enjoy it!

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Author: had4567

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