Julep Black Friday purchase

Julep did a nice Black Friday special where they had $1 polishes with any purchase. They also had another section with discounted items that just so happened to have a set I’ve been eyeing for a while. So of course I had to place an order!  Let’s see what I got.

Ok first I have to say that Julep sent my stuff in the most gigantic box possible!  And it is full of those paper crinkles.  Seriously!  I’m guessing they didn’t have any smaller boxes to fit the length of the set I got but seriously Julep you could save on some packaging costs!
Julep Nailed It! Set. This set includes 12 mini polishes of 2014’s best selling polishes. In a sucker for mini polishes!   This set was $24.99 in the Black Friday sale (I just checked and they are $29.99 now which is still not a bad deal) They come in this pretty package. 
Ooh they are cute! 🙂

Lorenzana (Boho Glam). Shiitake creme 
Margot (Bombshell). Old Hollywood gold shimmer
Cameron (Boho Glam). Silver lilac stardust (matte glitter)
Logan (Classic with a Twist). Sultry aubergine shimmer
Rae (Classic with a Twist). Radiant orchid creme 
Maddy (Classic with a Twist). Raspberry sorbet shimmer 
Myriam (Classic with a Twist). Casino red creme
DeAnn (Classic with a Twist). Ripe loganberry creme 
Princess Grace (It Girl). Rich papaya creme. 
Phoebe (Boho Glam). Vibrant jungle metallic
Monaco (Bombshell). Dazzling mariner blue creme 
Eliana (Bombshell). Soft denim creme
On the left is Alex a regal purple microglitter (this was my $1 polish!!) and a mystery polish I got for $4.99 Coco. Coco is an oxblood creme which at first I didn’t like but it’s grown on me!
I’m really happy with these purchases!  Although the Black Friday sales have come and gone, Julep is in the middle of the 12 days of gifting celebration where there is a different special each day.  Check it out here.

Author: had4567


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