Miscellaneous Black Friday/Cyber Monday Purchases

As I mentioned before I took advantage of quite a few sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales. Here’s a few of the smaller purchases I made!

Birchbox. I saved up a bunch of Birchbox points and was waiting for a good coupon before I made a purchase. For Black Friday Birchbox had a 25% off coupon and free shipping so I grabbed two of my favorite hair products!  I love the Amika Bombshell Blow Out spray but it’s expensive!  Birchbox sells it for $24 each which believe it or not is a good deal. Because I had points and the 25% coupon I only paid $6 for these two!  I also got a free mystery pick 2 sample pack with my order.  I got a Obliphica Hairdrop Essence Leave in Moisturizing cream and two Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Serum samples. Not the greatest pick 2 samples but it’s free so no complaints. 
Fancy.  Medium Women’s Mystery Box. Fancy had a sale for 15% off that went to 20% and eventually to 25%!  I only got 15% off so I bought a little early! Fancy boxes have a lot of celebrity and theme curated boxes but I think they are pricey so I don’t subscribe.  But occasionally I like to pick up a mystery box to see what I get. The medium mystery box is $20 plus $7.95 shipping. No matter what you get from Fancy it comes in a giant box!
These silicone letter trays are kinda neat as you can spell things out in jello or cake , etc. I don’t really cook but these might be fun for Jell-O shots!
This little decorative plate is right up my alley. I love the saying and I put this on my mantle in the living room!  🙂
This is a little letterpress greeting card. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it.  I think the saying is kinda cheesy!
Super unique stuff that I would never buy myself and I’m happy with it!
Skinstore.com Clarisonic Mia 2 purchase. I have been wanting a Clarisonic face brush for a long time.  They are expensive so I wanted to do my research and make sure I bought the right one for me. I settled on the Mia 2 which is normally $149 pretty much everywhere. I like it because it has 2 speeds gentle and regular.  Also the ones that fit the body attachments were more expensive and I didn’t think I’d use it. I picked mine up from skinstore.com when they were having 20% off over Black Friday weekend. I picked the lavender one!  It comes with a travel case and a Clarisonic cleanser sample – I won’t use the sample as I prefer other cleansers. I used this already and I love it!
Skinstore also sent out a few free samples. 
Yes Style Order. I ordered this before Black Friday but got it this week so will add it here. I has a credit with Yes Style so I only paid a few dollars out of pocket.  I got a set of little Banila Co Clean it Zeros so I can try them out and see which kind I might like to buy a full size of. It comes with original, purity, resveratrol and radiance.  So far I’ve used original and I really like it.  I also got a pack of 5 Etude House I Need You Tea Tree masks.  Came with a Lioele sample too. 

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