Memebox Special 73 Brighten & Correct Unboxing

When Memebox released the Brighten & Correct box I knew I had to have it.  Who wouldn’t want their skin to be brighter?  Recent Memeboxes haven’t been super impressive so I was worried to see what would be in this box. Turns out it’s pretty good!

First Look
Product Card
Ariul Spa Water 24hours Moisturizing De-Tox Mask.  100ml. Value $26. This spa water treatment creates hydrating and pore clarifying bubbles.  This sounds great -whee bubbles! -and I really look forward to trying it. 
How to use – take a tiny amount on your palm and gently spread over your face. Within seconds bubbles will start to foam on its own. Add lukewarm water and softly massage your skin.  Rinse off with cold water. 
AHC Hologram Collection Whitening Serum. 50ml. Value $89. This has a really nice packaging!  This serum contains a concentrated blend of acerola berry, camu camu berry, niacinamide, ice plant, hyaluronic acid, kiwi and tomato. Sounds great but when  I checked the ingredients I found out this has a lot of alcohol in it including alcohol denat which can be highly irritating to skin. I’m not sure yet if I’m gonna try this. 
How to use – Apply evenly over clean face. Pat it in for full absorbance.  Follow with a facial cream.
Ladykin Broccoli Super Brightening Cream. 60ml. Value $10.36 from Yes Style. This cream contains 75% of broccoli extract which is an antioxidant. This can be used both on your face and the body. I think I’m going to try this as a body cream!
How to use – evenly distribute a penny sized amount of product onto a cleansed skin. 
Boscians Cycle Repair Whitening Spot. 15ml. Value $24. This spot treatment contains green bud complex which reactivates the skin’s balanced cycle and reduces signs of uneven skin tone and dark spots. I received this before and sold it and I think I’ll so the same with this one only because this really isn’t a product I use – at least not yet!
How to use – apply a small amount of the formula over under eyes, darkened spots etc. 

WITHME White Perfection Hydrating Cream. 120ml. Value $43. This silky cream helps to brighten skin and relieve dry and exhausted skin. I received a Withme foaming cleaner in the Pore 2 box and I really liked it.  It’s was very foamy.  I’m a bit afraid that this will be too rich for my skin so not sure if I will use this or not. 
How to use – Gently massage the cream onto face until it’s been fully absorbed.

I calculate a value of $192.36 for this box and I only paid $18.46. I’m very happy with this box and it a great mix for brightening products. There are some high quality items in it and I’m glad I got it. 

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