This Week in Masks – 12/7

Here are the masks I used this week!

Secret Key Gold Racoony Hydro Gel Eye and Spot Patch. These help reduce my puffiness under my eyes but aren’t really effective beyond that. This was a big container of them and they are starting to get too jelly.  Maybe I need to drain some of the essence out. 
Innisfree Eco Science Lip Care Gel Mask. This moisturized my lips for a little while but wasn’t long lasting. It also was awkward to use as of was in two pieces – one for the top lip and one for the bottom so it was hard to keep on. I would probably not repurchase.  
Innisfree Skin Solution Mask Total Care. Love these masks. They are very comfortable and make my skin feel great. The total care mask are formulated for problem skin but I like to use them to keep my skin clear even if I’m not having a problem. 
Karuna Hydrating Face mask. I got a set of these in my Ulta Cyber Monday order. This one was very hydrating and contains Japanese soybean, hyaluronic acid and Chinese licorice.  I love the actual sheet part of this mask as it’s a nice thick mask. 
That’s it for this week. What masks did you use this week?

Author: had4567

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