Golden Tote December Tote Review

My December Golden tote has arrived and I was so excited to see my chosen items in person this month. I ordered 1 large tote this month which was $156.95 shipped.  I also ordered during the Cyber Monday special so I got one additional surprise clothes item (4 surprises instead of 5) If you are not familiar with Golden Tote click here for my previous post which explains it!  Let’s see what I got this month.

First Look – a nice festive tote this month!
Potters Pot Pink Tweed Sweater. This was my first chosen item and I was worried it may be too big but it fits fine. I love this and will look good with jeans or pants for work.
Priddy Blue Swing. This was my other chosen item when I saw it in the boutique and loved it. At the last minute I saw a post on Facebook and decided to size down to an extra small and I’m glad I did as it fits perfectly!  I love this and love it’s a longer length. 
I also bought the cable knit white knee socks I’m wearing with the blue dress in the Golden Tote boutique. They are very cute and thin which I like as they don’t make my boots too tight. 
Peppermint Stripped dress – aww you can see Lucy peeking out from behind me :). I like this dress but it’s too tight for me to be comfortable in- I mean it looks ok here but I’m seriously sucking in my stomach!  Lol. I already traded this dress with someone on the Golden Tote Trading Group Facebook page for a grey panel lace sweater that I wanted from a couple of months back so I’m super happy about that!
Cute sweater I traded this dress for!
Vanilla Bay Taupe, Black and Cream shirt. I really like this one. It has dolman sleeves which I like and it’s really soft and comfortable. I already wore it this weekend!
Le Lis top with tweed front and sheer black back. This top is cute but I don’t think I’d wear it much with the sheer back. I was able to sell this to a lovely ladye that had received a medium that was too large for her. I love it when I can get a top that doesn’t work for me to someone that really wants it!
Kate Collection 1980s Sweater. I love this nice winter sweater!  
90021 Teal Top. I really like this top but it was just a bit too loose on me.  I traded it for the sweater below!
Sweater I traded for!
I’m very happy with my tote this month. Even though there were 3 items that didn’t work for me I was able to trade for a couple of sweaters I hope will work and sold one!  Golden Tote is really become my favorite place to get clothes!
If you would like to try Golden Tote I would appreciate if you would use my referral link here !

Author: had4567

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