Memebox Christmas Collection #2 My Holiday Glam Unboxing

I purchased the Memebox Christmas makeup box with the skincare one so I could get free express shipping. I’m usually not a big fan of makeup boxes so honestly didn’t have high hopes I would like anything in this box.  Let’s see what I got!

First Look
Product Card
Peripera Wholly Deep Jewel Pot #6 Burgundy. 3G. Value $14.18 on the Club Clio website. This is a pretty jewel glitter that contains real diamond and amethyst powders.  This is very fitting for the Christmas season and although I won’t wear it I think it’s perfect for this box.  It’s also a moist glitter so it stays put and doesn’t get glitter everywhere. 
How to use – Take out an adequate amount on its lid and use your fingers to apply it onto your eyelids. Do not throw away the inner lid as it’s needed to keep the formula moist and intact. 
Deoproce White Flower BB Cream SPF35 PA+++. 30g. Value $12. This BB cream is enriched with a blend of lotus, lily and peony extracts.  The color was randomly selected from #21 and #23. I got 23 but I think the lighter one would work better for me so I may try to swap this.
How to use – Apply evenly over clean face. Pat it onto skin for optimal adherence. 
Vivito Painting Jelly Tint Squeeze Berry 5.5g. Value $29. The color on the card is incorrectly shown as squeeze cherry but I believe everyone got the squeeze berry color. This is a jelly tint that contains pomegranate, mulberry, fig, and vitamin E. This is pretty but I have enough lip tint so I will sell this.
How to use – Apply 2-3 drops on the center of lips and blend it outwards for natural gradation, or layer it on multiple times to create the full lip look.
Cool Enough Studio The Mirror. Value $15. I think this is a really cool mirror to keep in my purse. Definitely fancier than my normal mirror and would be a conversation piece!
Dearberry Rockcat Girl Waterproof Pencil Liner Purple.  Value $5. At first I was like no I do not want a purple eyeliner but when I looked at it I was a very dark purple. I swatched it below and it looks like a really pretty grey color.  I actually wore it already and it’s quite a nice eyeliner and stayed put all day!
Forgot to take a pic of the actual product but here’s a swatch.
Eclipse Poppy Red & Fresh Green.  Value $7. I love nail polish and these are certainly Christmas colors!  I won’t use these much but nice to have in my nail polish collection for Christmas nails!
I calculate a value of $82.18 for this box and I only paid $21.  I’m surprisingly happy with this box. It is very nicely curated in the Christmas theme and I will use most of the things in it!

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Author: had4567

One thought on “Memebox Christmas Collection #2 My Holiday Glam Unboxing”

  1. I was actually pretty excited when I got this box. It definitely fit the theme well. I was also surprised that the purple wasn't very purple, but it's still a great color. Fantastic post! #kbeautybloghop


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