Fortune Cookie Soap Black Friday Order

Fortune Cookie Soap(FSC)is a great company based in OK. They have a quarterly subscription box that is quite nice. I’m picky about my scents so I don’t order the sub box but I like to place an order a couple of times a year. Like many companies Fortune Cookie Soap had a Black Friday sale and I actually stayed up until midnight to place my order.  Let’s see what I got!

First Look
Bath Bombs 
FCS had a buy two get one free sale on bath bombs so I picked 3 up. 
Cake Batter Gelato I love their gelato bath bombs as they look like gelato!  This smells like actual vanilla cake batter too!
Strawberry Fields Forever – this a nice fresh strawberry scented bath bomb. I love the small of strawberries!
Snowball Fight – shaped like a snowball, this bath bomb has hints of strawberry, raspberry, vanilla and peppermint.  It also has a bit of menthol which can be tingly.
Steam me up Scotty!  These are scented shower fizzies that fill your shower with a nice scent. I started using these when I got my new house as I have a big tile shower with a full glass door so the scent in there is great!  FSC also had these on special for buy 2 get one free.  You get three to a pack and they are individually wrapped.
Candy Cane Fluff – I used one of these already and it has a delicious peppermint marshmallow scent. 
Fried Pussycat – these smell like bourbon vanilla and jasmine blossoms. I used this and it smelled good but I liked the candy cane fluff better!
Poisonous Fog – these are scented like cedar and sandalwood with marshmallow, brown sugar, coconut and soft vanilla.  
Unicorn Farts Bath Salt – I just love this name!  It luckily smells really good and this will last me all winter!
I really like Fortune Cookie Soap!  They have a ton of products available including some solid bubble bath that I used to use. I have a jetted tub now so don’t use bubbly things or it grows into a monster! :). If you have checked out Fortune Cookie Soap I highly recommend it!

Author: had4567

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