Memebox Special 76 The Empress’s Secrets Unboxing

The Empress’s Secrets Memebox was released at the same time the Cleopatra and Wonder Woman boxes were released. I grabbed the Cleopatra box and this one. I wasn’t sure what would be in this one but it sounded very royal! Let’s see what I got.

First Look
Product Card
Lime Nature Double Very Moisturizing Cream. 75ml. Value $39. This cream contains acai berry complex, chuanxiong rhizome, peony, licorice root, kudzu root, portulaca, and cornflower. This is very pretty purple and smells nice. I like the gel type creams like this and plan to try this one soon. 
How to use – Apply evenly over clean face. Pat it in for full absorbance. 
Daltokki Facial Scrub. 90ml. Value $30. First of all this bunny on the packaging is creepy!  Anyhow, this facial scrub is made from glutinous rice cake.  It’s a bit sticky in texture and doesn’t have a scent. I really like using products with rice as an exfoliant on my face as it’s  gentle and natural.  I’m almost done with my current facial scrub so I will use this next since I opened it. 
How to use –  Spread the scrub evenly over wet face.  Gently massage onto skin using your fingers.  Rinse off with lukewarm water.  Follow with a moisturizing toner and cream.  Make sure to store the product in a cool place and be careful not to get any water in it, as the real rice cake extracts could go bad.
Tosowoong Syn-ake Wrinkle Free Essence. 100ml. Value $30. This essence is formulated with syn-ake complex, a synthetic snake venom, that is popular Korean beauty products.  I haven’t gotten any products yet with the syn-ake complex so I’m curious to give this a try.
How to use – Pump out and apply evenly over clean face.   Pat it in for full absorbance.  
Soy Bio+ Fermented Lumpoule.  5ml x 2ea. Value $24.86. This is a facial ampoule made from 100% Korean fermented soy bean lump – that’s why it’s called a Lumpoule!  I actually got this before in a memebox but I sold it.  I’ve since heard that it’s pretty good stuff so I think I’m going to try it this time. It’s definitely pricey!
How to use – apply 2 to 3 drops of the ampoule to clean face.  Pat it in for full absorbance.

Purederm make up cleansing tissue 30 each. Value $6.  I use make up cleansing wipes every day to remove my makeup.  I also do the double cleansing routine at night but I like to take my makeup off with a wipe first.  I do go through a lot of these but seems like I’ve really gotten a lot in boxes lately so I’m stocked up for a good long time.

I calculate a value of $128.86 for this box and I only paid $18.46. I’m very happy with the items in this box but like a lot of the recent boxes, I’m not thrilled with the new trend of just 5 items in a box.  I personally prefer to get 6-7 items even if some are lower value. 

Click my affiliate link here or click one of my banners to check out the Memebox global site!  Use code 2UZWRD to save $5 off your order of $30 or more (shipping & handling and taxes do not count). Right now there are not many boxes being sold by Memebox which is a bummer but there were some nice value sets at last check. 

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