Tester Korea Haul

So about a month ago Tester Korea had a big sale on tons of their brands. I always have a Wishlist going over there so I bought a bunch of stuff I wanted to try plus some fun stuff I saw while going through the sales. I only paid for snail mail so by the time I got this I kinda forgot what I ordered!  Let’s see what I got.

First Look
Nature Republic Shea Butter Foot & Nature Moisture Foot Mask. I am a big fan of the Nature Republic Lemon peeling foot masks so I thought I’d give the moisturizing ones a try.
Skinfood Everyday Beauty Berry Sheet Mask my first Skinfood sheet mask – curious to try it as I love the brand
Banila Co The Blacks Hydrogel. Black Rice. I’m not sure why I bought this other than the packaging looks cool!
Nature Republic Given By Nature Aqua Gel Sheet Mask – Canola Honey. I like to use honey products and I have not tried any Nature Republic gel masks yet
Nature Republic Bee Venom Bio Cellulose Sheet Mask. I love bio cellulose masks!
Banila Co Claypatra Mineral Salt Clay Pack. This is my favorite clay mask!
Innisfree Long Wear Cushion. Can’t wait to try this out!
Skinfood Honeypot Lip Balm in Berry – ok I admit that I bought this because it’s cute!
The Face Shop Lovely me:ex mangoseed lip scrub. I’ve tried this out a couple of times and I don’t think its scrubby enough for my lips. It smells great though and I think I’ll just use it as lip balm.
Skinfood Peach Sake Pore BB Cream and Emulsion. I have used the toner from the peach sake line before and loved it so I wanted to try out a couple more items!
Innisfree Eco Peel Off Base Coat and Tonymoly Quickoff Base Coat. I’ve become a huge fan of peel off base coat.  I love TheFace Shop one so thought I’d try a couple other brands. I tried the Innisfree one out already and found it pretty thick.  It took a long time to dry and left my nails a little goopy and it didn’t peel well when I took it off. I’ll try again with a thinner coat but so far not impressed with that one. 
The Saem Iceland Hydrating Toner. I have not tried this brand before and I can always use toner. And I know I shouldn’t buy skincare products based on looks but you know…it’s pretty!! 🙂
Free samples!
Haul 2 – so a day after I placed my order I saw more stuff I wanted so I had another mini haul. Lol
A’Pieu Nonco Tea Tree Spot Patches.  I always use these if I have blemishes as they are very good at decreasing them and it keeps me from picking at them!
Tonymoly I’m Real Masks – sorry for the blurry pics!
Mamonde Cherry Blossom Foot Socks Mask and Innisfree mask
Skinfood Hair Band, Shea Butter Hand Lotion, and sample gold caviar toner and emulsion. Love skinfood and this hair band is a nice thick band perfect for putting my hair back when I do masks!
I paid just over $105 for these hauls which is an awesome value. I love shopping at testerkorea as they have some great sales. They do charge shipping but the low prices make up for that. They also pack items very carefully so I never worry about leakage or items breaking on their journey from Korea.

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2 thoughts on “Tester Korea Haul”

  1. Next time around try the Nature Republic By Flower Lip Scrub. I got one in the order which arrived yesterday and it's much better than the Face Shop one and the SharaShara one that came in the Memeboxes. It comes in a tube so it's not even messy. As the your toner from The Saem, I haven't tried that one but I got the Acai Berry one & they have great ingredients.


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