Barkbox December Unboxing

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone is spending time with loved ones and eating lots of good Christmas food. Today I have the review of the Christmas themed Barkbox. I tried to save some of it for Christmas but Lucy was having none of that!

First Look
Product Card
Simply Fido Penguin w/crinkle paper body. Value $12. I barely got a picture of this cutey before Lucy snatched him off the table and ran off with him. She loves that crinkly stuff in toys and had a blast throwing this one up in the air and catching it!
Butchers Block Bones 6″ Trachea. Value $2. Lucy wanted this bad but I don’t let her have bones like this. We have this to a bigger dog friend. 
Quaker Elf. Value $7. This little guy is so cute. Lucy loves it because he has a lot of parts to pull off. 
Polka Dog Sfizis Lucky Duck Recipe. Value $6. Ever since we stated getting Barkbox Lucy has loved duck treats. I love little treats like this too as I can give her more of the little ones and she thinks she’s getting more treats. 
Safemade Holiday Tartan Bandana. Value $5. This is so cute but a bit too small for Lucy’s neck. Nevertheless I put it on her for a holiday picture -she wasn’t thrilled but it’s cute!
I paid $16.29 for this box and we got $32 of products!  Lucy loves getting her boxes and I love having fun stuff for her each month. 

Author: had4567

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