Golden Tote December Surprise Tote

So a combination of seeing some great surprise items and a free shipping promo got me to order a surprise Golden Tote this month. Surprise totes have 4-5 items and cost $99 plus shipping. Like the name says all items are surprises so you don’t pick any of the items but you can leave your stylist notes. If you are not familiar with Golden Tote click here for my previous post which explains it!  Let’s see what I got!

Catwalk Studios Blue Cardigan. This cardi is so thick and comfy and I love the blue color which I hadn’t seen yet.  I’m sure I will live in it this winter!
Fantastic Fawn Blue lace back “cupcake” shirt. This was a miss for me as I know I wouldn’t wear it much with the lace back. So I posted it up on the Golden Tote Trading Facebook page and I sold it super fast. Love to send it to someone who will love it. 
Fantastic Fawn Stripped Tunic Hoodie. This was very comfortable but a bit big on me. Also I prefer zip up hoodies to pull over ones. Luckily I’ve traded this on the Golden Tote trading Facebook page for a cardigan I know I will love!

Everly Black Dress. I think this is adorable but I’m conflicted as I don’t know how much I’ll wear it as it’s too short for work. Right now I’m holding on to it unless I get a really good trade!
This was an ok tote for me. I would definitely have preferred more cardigans and sweaters!
If you would like to try Golden Tote I would appreciate if you would use my referral link here !

Author: had4567

4 thoughts on “Golden Tote December Surprise Tote”

  1. what the eff??? all your things are ADORABLE!! i ordered my first $49 Tote and both of my pieces were hideous. one of them was even the wrong size! i contacted customer service (Jen), and she wasn't anything but rude about the entire situation. sadly, i will never order another Golden Tote again — soooooo disappointed!!


  2. Oh no I'm sorry you had a bad experience! You should really give them another try as they are usually great. I personally haven't had a customer service issue but I know some are better than others. 😦


  3. Did you get the more expensive Tote? I got the $49 Golden Tote, and I only received two tops. Like I said, the “surprise item” was not the size I ordered and the print was hideous. They told me I could return them both for a full refund, but I would have to pay for shipping myself. Ugh. I've been tainted by this experience, and I really wanted to get this every month!


  4. This one is a surprise tote but I usually do get the big tote as there are more chances to get items I like. I would contact them again because if they sent you the wrong size they should make that right! If you haven't tried out their facebook trade group you really should as I've had great luck trading for items I like and selling things! One tip I've learned is to keep your comments simple but direct. I say no items with the main color Orange, yellow or green or no Aztec print and they always have abided by that. But if Im vague or have too many comments it's harder for the stylists! I hope you try it again as I've really gotten some amazing items from them that are staples in my wardrobe!


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