Julep January Unboxing & Swatches

Early in December Julep offered a special for current maven subscribers to get a free metamorphic top coat with you January box as long as you reserved it and didn’t skip your January box. Of course I reserved mine right away!  I decided to get the all nail polish box this month!

First Look 
In my last Julep review I complained that they sent me way too big a box.  Now this month I got a teeny box that is about the size of my hand. Way too small I think as it got crushed on its journey to me. Luckily everything inside was fine but seriously Julep what is with the box sizes??
The first thing I did was eat those Junior Mints!  I love those!
Shelly – wintermint creme  it’s hard to tell but this is a pretty light blue Creme. 
Margit – mushroom with Rose shimmer. 
Janae – cool charcoal creme 
Metamorphic Top Coat – this top coat is supposed to change your nails different colors. I can’t wait to try it!
I was really happy with my January Julep box and I can’t wait to try out everything. 

Author: had4567


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