Memebox Global 18 Unboxing

Well the time has finally arrived my last ordered Memebox!  This is the 75th Memebox I’ve received, and while I won’t say it’s my last ever,  I do think it will be the last for awhile.  Memebox has not been releasing boxes like they used to and the recent ones have not interested me.  Recent ones have also been in general poorer quality and it seems they are not listening to what customers want!  Maybe 2015 will be different than the last few months of 2014 but for now let’s see what I got in my last Memebox!

First Look
Product Card
Purederm Shower Jelly. 100g. Value $6.  This product is unlike anything I’ve tried which is always exciting. This is a shower jelly which has a jello like consistency – it’s solid!  I received the cooling mint option but brightening milk was also available. I’m glad I got the mint as it smells really good. The little white thing is a bubbling net to use with the jelly.  I’m not exactly sure how it’s going to work but I’m definitely planning on giving it a try!
How to use – Place the shower jelly into the bubbling net provided and soak it with water. Lather well and gently massage it all over the body. Rinse off with water. 
Dr MJ Bee Tox Control Cream. 55ml. Value $50. This cream came in a different Memebox but I didn’t get it. It contains bee venom, propolis extracts, tea tree leaf water, Rosemary extracts and calendula extracts. I haven’t tried many bee venom products so I will give this a try. 
How to use – Apply the cream evenly over clean face at the very last stage of skincare routine. Massage it in for full absorbance. 
Echoice Hand Therapy. 60g. Value $2. I can always use hand cream especially in the winter!  I received the sweet rose and Shea butter version which smells very good without being too overpowering. The other version available was cherry blossom and Shea butter. 

Puresmile Animal Point Pad. 17ml. Value $1. I received the pineapple version but you could also get guava. I’ve received a bunch of these before in Memebox but I don’t really use them.  I prefer to use full masks instead. I’ll probably give these away. 
How to use – Cleanse and tone your face. Place the point pads over parts of your face or body that you wish to give special treatments. Remove the sheet pad after 5-10 minutes and pat in the remaining essence for full absorbance. 
Derma Lift Intensiderm Aqua Rich Cream. 3 tubes 15ml. Value $37.80. These are sample size but you get three so it’s almost full size. This is a rich facial cream that should be nice for the winter.  I’m unfamiliar with the brand but will give it a try if not on my face I will use it as a body or foot cream. 
How to use – Squeeze out the formula from its tube and spread it evenly over face. Gently pat it in with clean hands for full absorbance.  
Touch by Lee Kyung Min Extreme Shield Master 2.2ml. Value $46. Lee Kyung Min is a Korean creative director known for her winter beauty class. This is an ampoule enriched with essence for instant moisture surge. The silicon brush applicator is what makes this unique!
How to use – Use the attached silicon brush tip of the ampoule to gently dab the formula over dry and flaky spots on the face. Suitable to be used under or over makeup.
I calculate a Memevalue of $142.80 for this box. Although this wasn’t a really exciting box for me I’m happy with the value as I only paid $13.17. For now I will continue my break with Memebox but never fear I still get my K-Beauty fix elsewhere so I will be sharing those purchases with you too!

Author: had4567

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