Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Palette Review & Swatches

When I saw this Palette online I knew I had to have it!  I love neutral eyeshadow palettes but I don’t have any quite like this. I also find most palettes don’t have as many matte shadows so this one is just great. Let’s take a look!

I love the look of a brand new palette before it gets messy!  This palette includes a range of 12 different matte shadows.

Include is a card that shows you how to do 2 looks!
For all swatches the first is with no primer and the second is over Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer. 
Free Spirit this is a really light yellow beige which barely shows up on my arm. It’s very good as a base and is easy to use.
Force of Nature – a light to medium brown that is slightly reddish. Very smooth and silky consistency. This is pretty much a standard color for me and I probably have a dozen variations of this. Lol. 
Dreamer – dark brown with a bit of yellow undertone. Very soft and smooth and a nice rich color.  

Multi-Tasker.   Very dark brown. This is nicely pigmented. I wouldn’t use this as an all over my eye color is its too dark but have been playing a bit with using shadow as liner so this works nicely for that. It does kick off a lot of powder when using it. 
Caregiver – I think this pale pink is my favorite base color in this palette. It’s so pretty and works well with any of the other colors. Actually this entire row of colors make up the day time look on the card Tarte provided.  I have done this look a couple of times and I really like it!
Natural Beauty – this is a pink beige color. I really like this over the primer but I think it would be tougher to work with without primer.  It’s pretty powdery and I had trouble getting it to stick to my skin.  I just love the color though 
Best Friend. A medium rich purple shade with brown tones. I really like this color as well but had a similar experience as Natural Beauty in that it is quite powdery. It lasts fine on my UD primer but without primer I would be concerned about staying power. 
Bombshell – this is a deep purple color. It was very powdery and tough to work with. There was a lot of powder fall out. I have used it as a liner on my top lids and it works quite well for that. It is a very pretty color. 
Super Mom – this is a very light pale beige. In fact, it is the exact color of my pale arm.  Lol. I can’t even see the swatches!  This should be good as a base color or a brow bone highlighter. 
Wanderer a light-medium brown.   Has a bit of a coppery coloring. I like this color and it’s one I will use a lot!
Power Player.  A taupe brown that is just slightly shiny. Again this is a nice color that I will use a lot. 
Fashionista black. This is a very nice deep color and highly pigmented. I think it’s pretty but I really doubt I’ll use it as its so intense!
I’m very happy with this palette. It’s for great colors and I’m impressed with the quality!

Author: had4567


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