Beauteque Jan 2015 BB Bag

I have purchased several of the special BB bags from Beauteque and been very happy with them. When Beauteque opened up their monthly subscription service I was more than comfortable signing up for a 6 month subscription to try them out.

One thing I have heard bounced around internet beauty community is the comparison with Memebox. Yes they both sell Korean beauty products but for me that is where the similarity ends. Memebox has a warehouse in Korea so definitely has access to cheaper and more unique brands and products. Beauteque is based in the US so has to import its products or source items in the US. Also my experiences with Beauteque customer service have been far better than Memebox. Beauteque also doesn’t promise only Korean products in its BB bags, as you will see, but the majority of the products are from Asian countries. So while I understand the comparison, to me the Beauteque bag is more like Glossybox or Boxycharm but with an emphasis on Asian or Korean products. 
Ok enough of that!  Let’s see what I got. 
First Look
Product Card
Mizon Olive Cocoa Butter Foot Cream. Value $11.47 Ebay. I don’t use as much foot cream in the winter as I do in the summer when I go barefoot more.  I really like the Mizon brand so I’m excited to try this. 
Mizon Hyaluronic Ultra Suboon Cream. Value $8.49 EBay. I received this cream before in a Memebox and sold it. I may give it a try this time as I’ve heard it’s quite good. Glad to see another Mizon product too.
It’s Skin Neck Patch. Value $6. I use a lot of face masks but not much on my neck. Honestly my neck has not started to droop so I don’t think it really needs tightening.  This neck patch is also supposed to be left on for 25-30 which seems like quite a long time to keep a mask from slipping down your neck. I may give this a try anyhow so I can report back how it works in my weekly mask post!
Tonymoly Delight Tony Tint Red. $7. I received this before from Memebox. I don’t really like red lip tints like this so I won’t use it.  But I think it’s a nice addition. 
The Face Shop Mist- Clear Hair Mist in Peach Floral. Value $7. This was an item you could select which version you wanted. I chose the peach scented version. It smells a little weird to me actually but I can still detect a peach smell.  I will give this a try and see how I like it. 
Milani Sunset Duos. Value $11. This is a bronzer and blush duo.  This was another item you could chose the color of. I don’t wear bronzer or blush so I didn’t really care which color I got.  Even though Milani makeup is cheaper, it’s pretty good quality so I’m not sad to see this in here. I will give this away to someone who will use it. 
Cheetah Sleeping Mask. Value $4. We got to pick the color of this sleep mask and I picked purple!  I think it’s cute but I’m not sure if I will use it as I don’t like things on my head when I sleep!
Brtc V Shaping Mask. Value $7. This was a bonus item so not everyone received the same thing.   This mask is moisturizing and contouring for your face and neck. Again I don’t have big concerns for my neck so I think it would have preferred a face mask but I think I’ll give this a try so I can review it. 
Revive Cleansing Body Scrub. I got this bonus item for signing up for a longer sub. I can always use body scrubs so I’ll use this. 
Everything came in this makeup bag. It’s quite large and I always seem to find a use for makeup bags. I do think getting one each month will get a bit old and I will eventually run out of uses for them. I’m glad I don’t get Ipsy anymore or I’d really be overloaded with bags. 
I calculate a value of a little over $55 for this bag, not including my bonus gift. I only paid $23 so I definitely got my value. I think this was a nice solid start to Beauteque’s subscription service, but I wasn’t blown away by any means. I am excited to see what future months bring! If you want to sign up for a Beauteque monthly sub make sure you go to their separate website here I think it’s a tad confusing to have two separate sites but that’s how they do it!

Author: had4567

2 thoughts on “Beauteque Jan 2015 BB Bag”

  1. I haven't gotten my bag yet, but I think I'm really going to like this. I'm not a huge fan of the Milani product in here, as I really think they should stick to korean products overall, but I love neck patches as I completely neglect that area and it's never too early to prevent loose skin and sagging, am I right? 😉


  2. You're right, maybe it will help my neck from ever drooping! 🙂 And you know when I think of it I have a ton of face sheet masks and hardly any neck ones so I'm happy to give it a try!


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