SU:M 37 Secret Gift Set Review

I have wanted to try the SU:M37 brand for some time. It’s a bit out of my normal price range so I wanted to try it out before I committed to buying full sizes. Luckily TesterKorea had this sample set for sale and I picked it up to try out.   I’ve been using these products morning and night for about a week and half so I thought I’d share my thoughts.

If you haven’t heard of Su:m 37 it’s a Korean cosmetic brand that uses fermented components in its products. I haven’t used many fermented products but I’ve heard their skincare is quite good!  One odd thing, for an American anyhow, is that this company is owned and managed by LG.   Now I have an LG TV but they are not widely known for cosmetics in the US!

First Look – it came in a very fancy box. 
Secret Repair Toner.  Price $37.96 plus shipping on TesterKorea for full size 150ml.   This toner is quite thin in consistency, it’s a little thicker than water. It’s highly concentrated and I only need a couple of drops for my face.  There is really no scent. This worked quite well for my skin and I found this more moisturizing then virtually any other toner I have tried. It does take a while to soak in but it still does within a couple of minutes.   I really like this but I don’t think I need my toner to be this moisturizing since I have combination skin and I have many steps in my routine.  For the cost I would rather use Innisfree toners which are a fraction of the cost.  
Secret Programming Essence. Price $61.57 plus shipping on TesterKorea for full size 100ml. This essence is also quite thin in consistency. It is only slightly thicker than the toner.  Like the toner there is no smell and it’s highly concentrated so you need only a small amount. This is highly moisturizing and my face feels great after I apply this step. In fact, when we had a couple of warm days over the weekend, I only used the toner,this essence and eye cream and my face stayed moisturized all day. I’m very impressed with this and would totally purchase if I could find it at a lower price.  Everywhere I looked it was quite pricey.  At the moment it’s not worth over 60 cents a ML for me!
Secret Repair Emulsion. Price $40.19 plus shipping on TesterKorea  for full size 130ml.   This emulsion has the consistency of  a lotion. It’s unscented and I thought this was just Ok. It works fine at moisturizing my skin without being too greasy, but for me I didn’t find it anything special. I have yet to find an emulsion that really blows me away though, so I think I’m a tough customer!
Secret Repair Concentrated Cream. Price $95.93 plus shipping on TesterKorea for full size 50ml. This is a pretty heavy and concentrated cream. It’s unscented and is a pretty peachy beige color. I used way to much the first time I used it and I was very greasy. Now I just use a little bit but it’s still too heavy for daytime use for me.  It makes a nice night cream though. However I don’t like it well enough to pay for the full size!
Secret Repair Concentrate. Price $100.46 on TesterKorea for 50ml full size.  I saved the best for last!  I use this concentrate right after the essence. It’s very concentrated so again just a drop or two will do. It has a creamy gel consistency. Again it is unscented and has a light brown color with a slight shimmer I think.  It soaks in within a couple of minutes. But OMG my skin feels like butter after I use this!  I’ve been conserving it and only using it once a day because it will be gone too soon.  Seriously my skin feels so soft and firmer when I use this.  I soooo need this in my life but it is soooo expensive. I bought some samples of Ebay, which are hopefully legit, as the full size is just ridiculously priced.  This is some good stuff though!
So my overall thoughts is that this is a really nice set but for the most part I’m just as happy with lower priced alternatives. Only the Secret Repair Concentrate completely blew me away!  I’m very glad I got to try this out!

Author: had4567

15 thoughts on “SU:M 37 Secret Gift Set Review”

  1. A while ago Honest Skin had the secret programming essence sample packets on sale, 80 1ml samples was less than $15 before shipping! Right now it's $21 before shipping, which is still a really good deal. My package is on its way and I'm really looking forward to trying it! 🙂


  2. I saw when you posted that you'd received this and I was very curious to see what you thought. I'd been debating trying it out, but I'm not sure now after your review. Great review, as always. #kbeautybloghop


  3. This is definitely some high quality stuff but for me to spend that kind of money on the full sizes I would have to see a major effect on my skin. I didn't see that except for the repair concentrate which I'm still trying to figure out how to get that at a cheaper price 🙂 #kbeautybloghop


  4. I think I would do the same thing you did and get the sample kit. I think sometimes we get hung up and believe that because something is so expensive it must be better but really, Memebox has introduced me to some very reasonably priced, excellent products. But I do love fermented products and would totally snag one of these kits 😀 #kbeautybloghop


  5. I think I was expecting something magical for the high price of the full sizes compared to other Kbeauty products. Lol. It's true some of my favorite products are considered “drug store” in Korea but are amazing!! #kbeautybloghop


  6. The Secret Repair Concentrate sounds amazing, but ouch at that price. I had the same experience after I tried some Sulwhasoo serum samples… loved it so much, OMG expensive, started scouring eBay for samples, haha. I ended up switching back to lower-cost brands in the end though. Might be nice to grab some deluxe samples now and then as a treat though! 🙂 #kbeautybloghop


  7. It definitely is hard to justify the higher price when lower cost brands work so well! It's fun to try some higher end brands though so I love samples 🙂 #kbeautybloghop


  8. you probably don't get this alot, but from a guy's perspective, I have the homme version of this set (which contains only the toner, essence, and lotion), and they work on my (Asian combination) skin. I agree, at full price, they're very expensive. You can try gmarket, or buying samples on ebay. I use the latter method and always got authentic stuff (so far).


  9. That's great to get a guys perspective!! 🙂 I did buy some samples off ebay and they were 100% authentic. I can deal with foil samples for the cheaper price!


  10. BTW, most (if not all) of su:m37 products are fermented for 3 yrs before packaging. That's why they had to “justify” their high end price. They're competing against SK-II which I use as well, and use all natural ingredients. If that's true (and LG is huge in Korea, so their reputation is on the line), in the long run, they're better the lower priced brands that use chemicals in their products, since I feel like my skin is more important than just saving a few bucks (especially if you get the samples on ebay).

    How did you hear about Korean skincare products anyways? I only found out last year when I went to Korea, and the stuff are light years ahead of American products!


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