Golden Tote Mystery Totes

In January, Golden Tote released some limited edition Mystery Totes. These totes were prepacked by size and included 4 items – one past chosen item, one new surprise Puella item, and 2 previous surprise items. They only cost $60 plus shipping. Because I’m between sizes I typically size up but I decided to risk it for the mystery totes and got one XS tote and a S one!

If you are not familiar with Golden Tote click here for my previous post which explains it!  Let’s see what I got!

First is the XS tote!

Priddy Black and Grey stripped dress. One risk with mystery totes is you may get duplicate items that you have gotten before. I lucked out and only got one dupe with this dress. It’s very cute and I have already traded it for a cardigan that I wanted!
Priddy black pants with faux leather band. I received these in dark grey in s previous tote and I actually wear them quite a bit. They are so comfy and they have pockets!!  So happy to have these in black now too. 
Cut & Sew Paisley Dress. This is cute but paisley print is really not my style. I think I will sell or trade this one. 

Puella black and white swing shirt. I love this it’s comfy and fits well.  It will look nice with a cardigan for winter since it’s short sleeved or I can wear it when it warms up too!
And now for the S tote
Brise and Blue Sweater Dress with Zipper detail. This dress is my favorite item I received. It’s perfect for winter and dressy enough for work. Love!
Teenplo Kimono top. This is much cuter on than I thought it would be. The pattern is a bit wilder than I like though so I think I will sell or trade this. 
Puella Swing Grey top. I already wore this and it’s very comfy. It wore it with a scarf for work and it dressed it up nicely!
And finally one item I would never wear in a million years. Lol. Sis Sis Hot Pink Shorts. These are definitely not my thing but I was surprised at the interest when I posted them on the Golden Tote Trading Facebook page. I’ve already sold them!
Overall I was quite happy with my mystery totes!  Everything fit fine and I like most of the items.  So many of my clothes come from Golden Tote now and I can’t quit buying them. Lol
If you would like to try Golden Tote I would appreciate if you would use my referral link here !

Author: had4567

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