This Week in Masks – 1/18

Let’s see what masks I used this week!

My Beauty Diary Hyaluronic Acid. My face was very dry this week as I think winter is catching up to me.  I was saving this mask for winter as I figured it would be extra hydrating. It did not disappoint!
Innisfree Skin Solution Hydrating. Another great mask for dry skin. I’ve used this before and I’m quite happy with it. In terms of hydrating though I think I liked the My Beauty Diary Hyaluronic Acid mask better. 
Caolion Blackhead Steam Pore Pack. I heard about this from Peach and Lily and it sounded great. I actually didn’t buy it from Peach and Lily but got it from a Korean site called 11st when they were doing a shipping promo for a lot cheaper!  It actually came to 11st directly from Caolion in Korea and I got a ton of samples which was great!  Anyhow this pack is a purifying active-charcoal steaming mask that exfoliates, hydrates and deep cleanses. It contains pure botanicals, herbs and natural ingredients. After one use I think this stuff is amazing!!  It really heats up so it opens up the pores. I left it on for about 8 minutes and when I took it off my skin was soft, my pores were teeny and my face felt hydrated. Wow. I can’t wait to use this again next week (I wouldn’t use this more than once a week since it is a bit tough in skin)
Caolion Mucins Sleeping Pack. This was a sample I got from Caolion and it was big enough for 2 uses. I really liked this and it left my skin smooth and soft in the morning. There was some residue on my face that I needed to wash off. It contains some really nice ingredients like snail extract, hyaluronate acid, botanical mucin and lavender extract.  
ToGoSpa Eye Gels. I received these in my January Popsugar box. These are pretty thick gel pads.  I thought these did work nicely and my eyes were noticeably less puffy and my black bags looked better!  My issue with these is they were incredibly slippery. They would not stay on my eyes. Now I admit I’m not great at sitting still but these were just too slippery for me. They also smelled kinda weird to me, almost slightly chemical. I have 2 more that I will use but probably won’t purchase. 
It’s Skin Neck Focus Patch. I got this neck mask from the January Beauteque BB bag. Eventhough my neck is not saggy I thought I would give it a try anyhow.  This is a gel mask which helped it stay in place a bit.  I could not detect a scent.   But as I predicted it was tough to keep this on my neck, especially on the sides. I’m sure my lack of sitting still didn’t help! :). I didn’t really notice any difference in my neck when I used this but I don’t think it hurt. 
Nature Republic Lemon Peeling Foot Mask. My feet were getting a little rough again so I used a peeling foot mask. I really like this one as it smells a bit less chemical and it’s effective. I do wish they had a sticky tab to close them as I have to tape them to keep closed. I just used them yesterday so no peeling has started yet but it will soon!
Well it was a good mask week!  What masks did you use this week?

Author: had4567

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