Luxe Pineapple Bourjois Box of Joy

I recently blogged about the company Luxe Pineapple which I am very excited about. I recently purchased another box of joy (ok 2 :))!  This Bourjois box of joy was fully revealed when I bought it and I purchased really for 3 specific items.  Let’s see what I got!

First Look – they always include a nice card and this one was hand written!  
Makeup Brushes. These are the main reason that I purchased this box as I am building my brush collection. This includes a very thin brush that I will use for liner and the other brush I will use for eye shadow. 
Survoltee Waterproof Eyeshadow. This color is parme electro which is a silvery color with lavender. I really wanted to try this creamy shadow to add a little shine to my eyes. 
Bourjois Ombré Eyeshadow in 04 Noir Precieux. This is a nice sized eyeshadow. It’s pretty dark so I’m not sure yet if I will use it or give it away. 
Liner Pinceau. Woo this is a bright pink and purple liquid liner. When mine came it was pretty sticky on the outside for some reason. I’m not sure what would have made it sticky except maybe it was packaged differently when sold.  Anyhow I probably won’t use this due to the color anyhow. 
I also got a mascara which I forgot to take a picture of but its a decent mascara. I don’t wear mascara but I will put this in my giveaway pile. 
I didn’t do a cost breakdown on this box but I know it’s higher than the $17.50 I paid. I’m happy with the box and continue to be impressed with this company. I will be unboxing the skincare box of joy I also received soon!

Author: had4567

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