Luxe Pineapple Skincare Box of Joy Unboxing

If you’ve read my blog at all lately you have heard about a new company I’ve discovered called Luxe Pineapple. Read my post here for more information about them and where they get their products. When they released a skincare box of joy, I picked it up pretty quickly. I knew there would be Clinique deluxe samples and a body wash from Fresh in it and was interested enough to purchase for $20 shipped. They also released a coupon so I only paid $18 so even better. Let’s see what I got.

First Look
Fresh Sugar Lemon Bath & Shower Gel. 2oz Value $4 Sephora. This is a gentle foaming body cleanser with a brown sugar formula. I knew I was getting this and was curious to try it. To me it smells like that frozen lemonade you get at the fair -soo good and so sweet!  I used this once and found that not only does it smell good but it was quite nice and moisturizing on my skin. One thing I would like to point out is that there are parabens in this body wash. While I don’t exclude parabens completely, I do try to limit them where I can.  I’ll definitely use this up but probably wouldn’t repurchase. 
Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray. 1oz. Value $5.24 Sephora. This oil free face spray contains aloe to help give your face extra moisture anytime you need it. My face has been dry lately so eventhough I don’t love facial mists I’ve been using it. It nice to add a little moisturize and refresh my face. It’s nongreasy too which is nice. 
Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2. 1oz. Value $2 Sephora. This oil free exfoliating lotion is for dry or combination skin. Since I have combination skin this will work well for me but I think I may give this away. I have so many Korean skincare products like this to use I would probably never get to it!
Estée Lauder Advanced Time Zone Broad Spectrum SPF15. .5oz. Value $21 Nordstrom.  This is the version for normal combination skin. This is pricey but it says you will look younger in just 5 days so it must be magic. Lol. It does contain Hyaluronic acid. I think I may give this to my mom to try as she likes Estée Lauder stuff. I’m sure she will be thrilled to try it. 

Clinique Duo Mascara in Black and Lipstick in Tenderheart. I think these just came in gift with purchases and were not for sale so I couldn’t find a value. I don’t wear mascara or lipstick so this is kinda a bummer that this was the makeup item I got. I’m sure I know someone who will like this so its not a total loss. This reminds me that I used to love this gloss from Clinique Black Honey that was like a transparent raisin color. It was very pretty, I wonder if they still make that?
No 4 Hair Care Non Aerosol Hair Spray. 1.45oz Value $6.45 Birchbox. I do like this brand but I don’t use hairspray. This one is full of natural botanicals so it should be better than the average hair spray so I’m considering trying this one. If not I will give this to someone who uses hair spray. 
I calculate a value of $38.69 for this box and that is not including the makeup item. Eventhough I won’t use everything in this box I’m still happy with the value!

Author: had4567

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