This Week in Masks – 1/25

Here are the masks I used this week.

Leaders Coconut Bio Mask with Tomato.  I recently realized some of my masks are getting close to their expiration dates so I reorganized them by date.  This one I received from Memebox and it was actually just expired but I used it anyhow and it was fine. This was a great bio cellulose mask so it stuck to my face like second skin!  I love biocellose masks but this one was extra thin and a bit hard to work with. It was quite moisturizing though!
Tonymoly Changing U Magic Mask Hyaluronic Acid. I bought a set of these masks a while ago and they are getting close to expiring so I need to use the rest of them up. They work ok but I find them too small for my face and very thin so unless I’m careful I rip them. There is a lot of essence on them. 
Caolion O-Capsule in Sleeping Pack. This is another sample I received from Caolion. There was enough for 2 uses. This includes tri- colored vitamin, antioxidant, and moisture capsules.  You can actually see these in the gel mixture. I found this to be quite sticky and stayed that way on my face until I wash it off in the morning. I thought it worked well but I did not like the stickiness. 
Nature Republic Snail Solution. I bought a set of these from Testerkorea last summer and they expire this month so I need to use them up. I really like these masks as the snail mucus is great for my face. The masks fit well and have lots of essence on them. 

That’s it for this week. What masks did you use this week?

Author: had4567

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