Stila Eyes Are The Window Spirit Shadow Palette Review and Swatches

I have been eyeing the Stila eyes are the window palettes for a while. I had read reviews and knew there were some issues with pigment and application with some of the shades. Due to those issues, I wasn’t willing to pay the full $49 price, but when I saw 6pm was selling it for $34 with free shipping I jumped on it!

There are 4 different Stila eyes are the window shadow palettes – body, soul, spirit and mind. I purchased the spirit one. Let’s take a look!
First Look
Very pretty rose gold but very hard too keep clean, fingerprints everywhere!
Swatches – all swatches are done first with no primer on bare arm and second swatch over Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer original formula. 
Kitten – Shimmering Nude Pink.  Kitten is a very popular Stila shade and you can see why with this swatch. I love shimmery nude colors like this for everyday use.  The formula was great to work with and I’ve worn it several times over primer and it lasts all day.
Oasis – shimmering gold highlight. This is a very pretty gold color. I like that the gold definitely shows up but it is not so bold that I can’t wear this to work. I thought this was easy to work with and seemed to have good staying power, though I have not tested it all day yet. 
Wheat – pearlescent beige. This is a pretty sparkly beige that is one of my favorite colors in this pallette.  It’s very wearable and I’ve worn it a couple of times. I found it quite easy to work with and long lasting. 
Chinois- Matte Creamy White. This is a very powdery color to work with. In fact you can see powder on the table behind my swatch. I think this would be a nice base color but it’s so powdery I’m worried about fallout, especially as I wear contacts so I haven’t tried this out in my eyes yet.
Puppy- Matter Light Beige.  This color was also very powdery and quite difficult to work with. I have other similar colors to this so this would not be my first choice to use. 
Jezebel – Golden Peach Shimmer.  This color is pretty and shows more like a rose gold to me. It’s a nice soft color and was easy to work with. I have not worn this one yet but hopefully it will be as good as the other shimmers.
Golightly – shimmering metallic bronze. I use a variation of this color a lot so you know I like this. I wore this a couple of times and found it long lasting and easy to work with. 
Slate – smokey gray shimmer with lavender tones. This is a very pretty color. I think it looks a bit dark in this picture. It’s very buildable so you can wear it as a light grey or darker.  I found this easy to work with and durable. Definitely would recommend using a primer with this one.
Pigalle – mauve rose shimmer.  This color is gorgeous.  I did find it a bit powdery but much better over the primer. I’m excited to try this out, probably in the corners of my eyes.
Barefoot – medium brown shimmer. This has a very slight shimmer, I would maybe call it more satin. I think this was a bit powdery as well and tough to get even.  I was surprised it was so tough to work with honestly. I do like the color. 
Espresso – shimmering grey brown. This is a very dark brown. Its really darker than I like to use so I probably won’t use this much, maybe as an eyeliner. It was powdery but not as bad as some of the others so still totally workable. 
Pewter – shimmering gunmetal gray. Well if espresso was too dark for me this one is way too dark. It is quite pretty, especially over the primer, but I just never know what to do with colors this dark.  It was easy to work with and I think it would be quite long lasting. I had to scrub to get this off my arm after I swatched it, and I think there are still traces on there hours later!
Overall I’m quite happy with this palette, as it has a lot of Stila’s Classic colors. If you already have a lot of Stila eyeshadow this is probably not the one for you as there are not a lot of new colors. I was disappointed with the matte and a few of the other colors since they were so powdery.  For the discounted price I’m thrilled with the colors I will use, but not sure I’d be so happy if I paid full price. 

Author: had4567

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