Innisfree World Haul!!

Innisfree World ran a couple of promos recently that I just couldn’t resist so I placed an order. I did pay for shipping so I only selected the cheaper K-Packet shipping but it still got to me very quickly from Korea- just a little over a week.  Let’s see what I got!

First Look – ugh sorry these are crappy pics that I took in my kitchen. Too much glare in there!
Orchid Enriched Cream 15th Anniversary Set. Aah little sets are my weakness stop releasing them Innisfree!  Lol. This set includes:  
Jeju Orchid Enriched Cream 50ml
Jeju Orchid Hand Cream 35ml
Jeju Orchid Intense Cream 20ml
The orchid line at Innisfree targets anti-aging and is packed with antioxidants from the Jeju orchid.  I really like that there is a hand cream in here too. I will do a full review on this once I’ve used it. 
Skin Solution Mini Kit Bar. This was one of the promos I ordered for. You know these cute little guys were too much for me to resist.  This was a free gift with any Orchid line purchase so I got this with the set I purchased. Included are two little bottle samples from some of Innisfree’s lines:
Green Persimmon Pore 
Bija Anti-Trouble
Eco Science 
Perfect 9 Repair
Soybean Firming
Eco Flower Tint Balm. I love tinted lip balms and this one does have a bit of color. It’s No. 1 Azaleas and is a very pretty pink color. 
The other promo that sucked me in was the buy 10 get 10 free Skin Solution sheet masks. These are some of my favorite sheet masks and I was happy to get them for $.75 each. I didn’t take a separate picture but you can see them in the first pic. I bought an assortment of 20 of them!  Cuz you know I need more sheet masks. Lol
Free samples – Innisfree gives the best free samples, period!
I paid a little over $60 for this haul shipped. Innisfree isn’t the cheapest K-Beauty brand out there but I am consistently impressed with the quality of the items for the price!  And those kits, seriously I can’t resist!! 🙂

Author: had4567

11 thoughts on “Innisfree World Haul!!”

  1. Yay! Another Innisfree Lover~ The solutions kit looks like a great way to try a range of their products. And I totally agree with you, they do give the best samples. The 10ml pouches can last me more than 2 weeks. I hope you would write a separate blog post of those Skin Solutions masks, as I would love to read your thoughts on it. They are the only Innisfree masks I haven't tried yet. #kbeautybloghop


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