Memebox Secret Key Value Set Unboxing

Wow my blog used to be filled with Memebox unboxings but this is the first I’ve done in quite a while. I really like Secret Key products and I had a bunch of points to use so I actually got this box for free. Let’s see what I got

First Look
This value set did not come with a product card. I got all values from BeautynetKorea. 
Milk Whipping Hand Cream. Value  $3.60. I received this hand cream in my Milk Head to Toe Bag from Beauteque. It’s a nice hand cream and contains donkey milk. It does have a baby powder smell which I’m not in love with but I’ll still use this. 
Snow White Cream. 50g. Value $10.05. This brightening cream contains niacinamide which is common in whitening products. I think I may have received this before but I sold it. I’m not sure if I will keep this or sell it just because I have a lot of face creams and I won’t use them soon when it warms up as my combo skin doesn’t need as much moisture outside of winter. 

Starting Treatment Essence. 30g. Value $6.20. I thought this was a toner when I opened this box but it’s an essence. It’s a pretty thin and lightweight feeling essence. I will definitely use this. 
Color Recipe The Blue Cream. Value $10.80. 
So I was supposed to get the yellow version of this cream which targets whitening but there was some mixup and I got the blue version instead. I think I prefer the blue version anyhow as it targets elasticity and dryness.  I received the pink version of this before also and it’s unique in that is has little moisture capsules that burst when you apply it to your skin. 
Starting Treatment Eye Cream. Value $7.20. Eye cream is something I can never get enough of since I used it twice a day!  Of course I am working my way through a giant tube of Purebess Galactomyces 80 eye cream right now that is never ending. Lol. I’ll put this away to use once that tube runs out. 
High Protection Sun Cream. Value $9. I usually don’t use a separate face sun screen since I use products with it in it. This one can be used for the body too so I think I will keep this one!
I calculate a value of $46.85 for this value set and as I said at the start of the review I used points so it was free. This set was priced at $36 which is still less than the value but not a crazy good deal or anything. Since Memebox closed down its global shop the values of its boxes have certainly decreased. I do have some more points to use up so I will be making at least one more purchase from them. 

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