Mask Genie February Pouch

Mask Genie is a new company based in Hong Kong that sends masks from all over Asia.  I know of Genie from her blog Genie’s Favorite Products and respect that she will send quality masks that she would use herself. This is just the second monthly pouch released.  They offer a 5 mask pouch for $11 and a 10 mask pouch for $22. Here is what I got in my 10 mask February pouch! 

First Look

Foodaholic Snail Natural Essence Mask. Foodaholic is a Korean brand that I have a few masks from. Generally I see the actual food masks but this one is snail which I guess is a food but not a very popular one here in the US. :). I really enjoy using snail products on my face so look forward to trying this one. 

Mediheal EGT Midnight Capping Pack.  This is a Korean sleeping pack which you apply overnight and wash off in the morning. EGT stands for energy growth time. This pack is resealable so I think I can get several uses out of it. I do use a sleeping pack almost every night so this will get used.  I loved the bubbling Mediheal mask I got in my last Mask Genie pouch so I have high hopes I will love this one too!  I hope it’s not as sticky as the picture shows though!

Deary Rose Idebenone Whitening Invisible Elastic Mask. This is a brand from Taiwain and is a brightening mask. This contains CoQ10 which fights fine lines, dryness and dehydration. It also contains Idebenone which bolsters the skin antioxidant capacity. 

Adin Herb Essence Mask. Back to Korea with this mask.  This has some nice ingredients including lavender, Rosemary and gingeng. It also contains hyaluronic acid which I love to use for the winter. 

Tuningface Essence Different Moisturizing Mask. This is another Korean brand but not one I’ve ever heard of. I’m all down to try a moisturizing mask though!

Jant Blanc Coenzyme Q10 Plentiful Essence Skin Mask. From Korea this mask targets fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also moisturizing. Another brand I’ve never heard of but I’m happy to try!

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask. From Tawain. Now I love me some MBD masks and I have actually used this one. The pearl portion is meant to brighten your skin but this one is also moisturizing. Great addition!

Etude House Collagen Eye Patches. Etude House is a very popular Korean brand and I’ve used lots of their stuff. I can always use eye masks and I do find they help reduce the puffiness under my eyes. 

Skinfood Black Bean Nose Pack. Skinfood has some of my favorite products.  I really don’t use nose packs because they are rough on my nose and my nose tends to peel when I use them, but I know they are very popular and I will give this away!

Solusion Gung Solution Doctors Brightening Pack.  This Korean brand has a very official looking package!  This mask does target brightening but is also moisturizing!

This was another great assortment of masks. I didn’t do a cost breakdown as some of the masks aren’t easy to locate in the US. I’m quite happy with the value of $22 so no complaints on that. I do still wish there was a printed product card included but maybe Genie will include that in the future! 

I will use all of these masks except for the nose patch, so keep an eye on my weekly Sunday mask posts for reviews on them!

Check out the Mask Genie Facebook page here if you are interested in subscribing. Right now she does not have a website so she will send you an invoice.

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