Beauteque February BB Bag Unboxing

I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Beauteque February BB bag for a while. I saw the first unboxings from bloggers over 3 weeks ago. I don’t have a problem with bloggers getting bags early for review purposes but I do think a 3 week lag before getting mine was a bit much. For reference I live in the US and my bag did reach me 2 days after it shipped. I received it on Friday Feb 27th. Sadly this wasn’t my only issue with the bag this month. There were so many issues this time that Beauteque even issued an apology email to all subscribers which I will post in full later. Let’s see what I got. 

First Look – immediately I knew that something has gone awry as none of the choices I had picked were in my bag. I understand that substitutions have to be made sometimes but none of my choices made it to my bag. I think perhaps there was an error and my choices were not recorded. But geez you think by the law of averages I would’ve gotten something!

Product Card

Hair Spa Towel. Value $9.99. I really like this hair wrap and I even like the pink color!  I could use a hair towel like this for when I get out of the shower so I’m glad to have this. 

A’Pieu Nonoco Teatree Emulsion. Value $8.48 from Iamloveshop on Ebay. I really like the A’Pieu tea tree spot patches so I’m curious to try this out. My skin generally really likes tea tree products so hopefully it likes this too!

Tonymoly Petit Art Perfume Mist. Value $9.98.   This body mist was one of the items we could choose the scent for. I chose Fresh Green as it has a green tea scent which I love.  I received Romantic Pink which has a floral fragrance which I do not care for. I’m definitely picky about scents so I may not have even liked the green tea one if I had received it but I think that had a better chance of me liking it.  

Banzai Living Lavender Cleansing Tissues. Value $4.  From early unboxings I expected to get the It’s Skin Mangowhite Lip and Eye Remover tissues and I was excited as I really like It’s Skin products. I knew it was possible I wouldn’t get those and I’m ok with substitutions if they are comparable. But I do have some problems with these tissues. First of all I’ve never heard of this brand and I cannot find it beyond its own website. It appears to be a company out of NY. Also the ingredients which you can see below. I ran these through COSDNA and a major red flag came up with one ingredient the isopropyl myristate which ranks a 5 on the acne scale and 3 as an irritant. I am very concerned with using these so am not sure what to do with them yet. 

Tonymoly Panda’s Dream Eye Patches. Value $3.48 from iamloveshop. For some reason I’ve gotten these eye patches as a sample from several of my kbeauty orders. I have used them and I find this style of mask to be awkward to use. I had expected the Etude House Collagen eye patches I had seen others get but since these are similar value and quality I’m fine with the substitution even if I don’t like them. I can certainly give them away. 

Skinfood Black Bean Eye Brow Pencil. Value $8.98 on Amazon. I was very excited to try this eyebrow pencil as it has a brush on the other end. I just purchased a similar style of a much more expensive brand Anastasia from Sephora so I wanted to compare the two. I selected brown first and grey black second as I figured I could always use it for an eyeliner. I got my third choice black which I can’t use on my brown eyebrows and I don’t use black eyeliner.  So I won’t be able to use this. Disappointing. 

Echoice Ceramide Cream. Value $14.99. This was the final item we could chose between Ceramide and peptide. I chose peptide because I have twice had a reaction to products with Ceramide. Now I’m still not entirely sure it was not something else causing my reaction, but I’m not ready to test it so I chose the peptide version which I’m definitely fine with using. Of course I got the Ceramide version so I won’t use this. 

Daylight & Humanpia Costech. Value $5. So I got 2 of the same mask. Every review I saw got two different sheet masks. I’m not actually a big fan of avocado products as I think it smells weird. I would have been fine with one but I really wish I had got two different masks. I mean Beauteque just started a mask sub so surely they have some different ones in stock. Sigh. 

There was also a decent makeup bag that came with this. It black quilted with a pocket inside. This is an extra so I haven’t put a value but it’s probably worth a couple bucks. 

My final issue with this bag is I signed up for a 6 month subscription in the pre signup phase. As a thank you for me paying so much money up front I was supposed to get a free gift with every bag. I got a free body scrub last month but this month I got no free gift. 

I calculate a value of $64.90 for this bag and I paid $23 so the value is there. However when I remove the items I either can’t or won’t use my value is only $18.47 for the two items I will use and that is incredibly disappointing.  

I have purchased many bags and items from Beauteque in the past and this is the first time I have had a major problem. They are a small company so I give them some leeway. Although they are new to the monthly subscription service they have been around and curating bags like these for awhile so I would exactly say they are new.  And there have been some problems with Beauteque since they opened the monthly service at the beginning of the year that are concerning. 

I belong to quite a few K-Beauty Facebook groups and forums and I noticed a trend of complaints start late last month. Honestly I blew them off and said hey people like to bitch about everything. But as I saw more people complain about lengthy delays in responses from customer service (well over a week), double charges on bags, shipment delays and substitutions of products I payed more attention. But here is why I haven’t given up on Beauteque yet, they also payed attention and addressed it!  Here is the email all subscribers received from Beauteque on Friday. 

“Hello valued Beautequemonthly BB Bag customer,

First, we want to thank you for joining us in the very first months of our subscription service. We understand that as we grow, there have been a few occurrences along the way. We at Beauteque would like to sincerely apologize for some issues that may have arisen, and explain more in depth to you here.

We are proud to offer you all various choices in your bags each month. Because there were a few delays with our supplier, there were a few problems that occurred with this month’s BB Bag. In an effort to get your bags to you in a timely manner, we replaced some items with similar ones in a percentage of the bags. That is why some customers saw different brands than pictured on their product cards. While on the product cards we noted that “style may vary” for some products, we want to assure you that from now on, if your bag will be affected by such a change, which should not occur frequently, we will contact you and request your approval first. Should you choose to wait for the original product, we will ship the bag out when we get that product back in stock.  Or, in the case that a product is not available anymore and we can no longer acquire it, we will tell you this too, and offer you a suitable alternative.

We also wish to apologize for the delay in some orders. While we tried to get the bags out to you as soon as possible, some shipments of products we were waiting on took longer than we had expected, causing a delay for some bags. We would like you to know we fulfill bags as soon as physically possible once we have all the contents of each bag back in stock. This is, again, our utmost effort to fulfill your preferences, as they are our priority! For those waiting on February’s bag: everyone should have February’s bag no later than early March, and we graciously thank you for your patience.

Also, we are implementing a waiting list in the future as well, to make sure everyone receives their bags on time. We will make an official announcement once that begins.

For  our customers outside of the continental US, we want you to know that we currently employ a third-party international shipping service that must process your bags, then generate a tracking number for you. This process takes 7-10 business days, and has taken a bit longer in some cases this month. But, as soon as we receive tracking, we have and will continue to send it to you immediately.

We wish to offer our BB bag subscribers who have either received substitutions or received a late package (had their shipment sent out after the 15th)  a $5 gift code to use at our flagship site for your continued loyalty and understanding. Please email if you have experienced this issue with the full name you are subscribed under for the BB bag, and we will generate a unique coupon code for you to enjoy!

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and understand what we are improving for you coming forward. We have taken input from every one of you in addressing these issues to ensure the most positive customer experience possible.

Our Best,

The Beauteque Team”

I really appreciate this response from Beauteque and I think the compensation offered is adequate.  I will be emailing them for my code and regarding the free gift I didn’t get (mostly to just let them know) and really hope that the March BB bag goes better.  Despite the disappointments this month, I’m really rooting for Beauteque to succeed!

Author: had4567

13 thoughts on “Beauteque February BB Bag Unboxing”

  1. I'm still waiting on mine to arrive. I hope it comes this week. I'm also waiting on the pink bag. I hope that they can turn it around as I received the milk bag and thought it was awesome. It also shipped to my door within a week, which was way faster than I anticipated. Hopefully I won't have too many substitutions in my bag. Great review!!


  2. It was such a bummer to read your review and see all of the things they put in as alternative products that weren't even things you could use…What's the point of allowing your customers to choose products if you can't fulfill those choices? I think it bothers me more because you bought a 6 month subscription upfront and if anyone should get first dibs on their choices, it's people that bought subs in advance! I'm happy to see from their e-mail that they are making things right in the future though. Fingers crossed!

    I'm glad you e-mailed them about your free gift- they do owe you that considering that was a perk that they advertised for the 6 month sub!

    Also- any time I get cleansing wipes that I feel like I can use on my face, I always find other ways to use them! I have a few that I use to remove makeup swatches when I'm swatching for the blog, and they're also great for removing excess essence off my feet when I do a foot peeling pack. This probably seems weird, but I also use them to clean my keyboard on my laptop LOL…I just hate letting things go to waste! 😉


  3. Thats funny as I got some ELF makeup wipes I hated and I use them to clean up my desk at work! 🙂 I will use them for something for sure just probably not my fave!


  4. Oh my goodness I can't believe all the problems! I'm so glad they addressed the problem and are making changes. I really hope they get your next bag right! Thank you for this honest review! I think I will wait a while before subscribing just to make sure they do make improvements. #kbeautybloghop


  5. I'm not impressed with Beauteque either at the moment. I ordered a few masks (MBD so not exactly difficult to get hold of) on the 8th of Feb, after some hassle they told me that they shipped on the 13th …..I still haven't got them, yet others who ordered around the same time have and bags that were posted much later have also arrived. It is a bit odd that they have had both supplier and shipping issues! I was not at all impressed with their CS response either and I presume the $5 code is just for delayed bags not orders (the poor cousin it seems at the moment!).
    I was so interested in subbing to the new mask service but at the moment I really don't want them to have anymore of my money!


  6. Wow that is a long time for some masks. I hope you get them. I would ask for the $5 code too for the hassle! I am interested in the mask sub too but I'm waiting a few months to see if they get all these issues worked out!


  7. I want to love Beauteque, but I've seen almost nothing but complaints recently. When the mask subscription popped up, I was really interested, but with the customer service issues, I decided to hold off. I really hope this is just a bump and things will go more smoothly in the coming months. I want to buy things from them, but I am so leery of poor customer service. #kbeautybloghop


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