February Little Lace Box Unboxing

I have had my eye on the Little Lace Box  for a while so when February boxes went on sale and I had a coupon I signed up.

If you haven’t heard of Little Lace Box it’s a subscription box with high-end, brand name beauty, lifestyle and home products. The boxes are curated by 3 sisters and they typically have a theme each month. 
Little Lace Box did contain a letter discussing that this box wasn’t exactly their vision for this month due to supplier issues from the dockworkers strike on the west coast of the U.S. and the bad weather plaguing the East coast. They also have decided to not open up new subscriptions for March to make sure they get caught up. I think that’s smart to not grow too fast!
Anyhow let’s see what I got!
First Look – this month’s theme was for the lovers, the dreamers and me…Rainbow Connection! I’m not sure how this box fits this theme and maybe it’s due to the supplier issues they had. I actually think a better theme may be “goats”. 
Product Card and Letter
Whitley Designs Hoop Earrings. Value $54.99
The card says we were all getting stud earrings but I have seen various types of earrings in unboxings. I think these earrings are cute but very thin. These are about the thickness of a paper clip. I’m pretty sure I would bend these!  I may try to swap for some stud ones with someone. There was also an option to get a bracelet if you didn’t want the earrings which is great if you don’t have pierced ears. 
Beekman 1802 Iridescent Shimmer Bling Bath. Value $18.99. There were 2 bath products you could get either some tub truffles (melts) or bath salts. I got the bath salts which are made with powdered goat milk and coarse sea salts. This sounds great except it has shimmering microscopic minerals. The shimmer scares me. See I’ve used a bath bomb from Fortune Cookie Soap that was glittery. And let me tell you that was a mess!  Eventhough I rinsed off in the shower after my bath I had glitter everywhere. It was on me, on my night clothes, in my bed and all over the dog!  A mess for several days!  So I’m not sure about glittery bath products. 🙂
Original Goat Milk Hot Fudge by Beekman 1802. Value $12.99. I love hot fudge sundaes so can’t wait to try this out.  I’m curious to see if the goats milk really tastes different from normal hot fudge.  It’s a nice big jar too and I might just eat it out of the jar like LLB suggested!
Pink Arrow Stationery by P. Press Papers. Value $12.99. These little cards are very cute. And I like how there is just one side to write on instead of a folded card. They do have envelopes too. I’m single so won’t be using these to write love notes as suggested by LLB, but I do use notecards from time to time. 

Hula Bliss Goat Milk Lotion by Dancing Goat Skin Care. See another goat milk product, that’s why I said this theme could be goats for this box!  Lol. This is a bonus item as its a deluxe sample but it is 2 oz. It also contains coconut oil and smells like lavender to me. Can’t wait to try this.  
I calculate a value of $99.96 for this box and I had a $10 off coupon so only paid $29.99. I thought this was a nice box but it didn’t blow me away. I will stay subscribed for a couple more boxes I think and see what I get, especially as subscriptions are currently closed for new subscribers – I don’t want to miss out!  

Author: had4567


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