Tester Korea Haul Unboxing

Yes I am addicted to K-Beauty and I can’t stop buying stuff. Lol. Tester Korea is one of my favorite sites to order from as they have great prices and a great selection. I also belong to the Tester Korea Group Order Discount Facebook page which was started by blogger Sample Hime so a group of us could get a bigger discount on our orders. If you would like to order from Tester Korea I highly recommend you consider ordering through this group so we can all benefit from the discount (we have to hit a pretty high dollar amount of purchases every 2 months to maintain the discount).  

There were several issues with my order this time so poor Tiffany had to help me sort it out with Tester Korea but finally it got straightened out and I got it!  Let’s see what I got.

First Look

Skinfood White Embossed Cotton. 120 pcs. These little cotton squares are a lot nicer than the ones I use from Target and they are pretty cheap too. They are very soft and not fuzzy like some cotton rounds.

The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Tissues. 20 sheets. I use cleansing tissues daily and I heard these were nice.  Will try these soon. 

So I am planning to do a face primer comparison post on here so I bought a few new ones to try out. 

Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur. This is a fairly new product that I’ve been hearing quite a bit about. It’s a lightweight cream that is supposed to refine and smooth skin with blur and cover powder. I’m excited to try this out. 

Missha Signature Radiance Pore Primer. Another primer that is supposed to give a silky effect. It’s a shiny bottle and the product looks pretty white to me but could just be the bottle. 

The Face Shop Face It Velvet Skin Primer. 

Clio Kill Cover Highest Wear Pact. This is a powder pact which I plan to use as a finishing powder over my BB cream. I got the color 003 Linen which is supposed to have a natural effect and looks to match my coloring well. I haven’t used this yet but will try it soon. 

Innisfree Green Tea Pure Gel Hand Cream. I have been using the Innisfree orchid hand cream and really like it. I thought I’d try the green tea line since I like the face products. 

Clio Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner in Plum Black. The Clio liners seemed to be the biggest issue with my order as two of them went out of stock while I was waiting for shipment. I finally got this one in plum black. I’ve gone crazy buying purple eyeliner lately. I really need to stop!

Sheet Mask. What K-Beauty order would be complete without some sheet masks?!?  I got
Nature Republic Lemon Peeling Foot Mask
The Face Shop Babyface Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel
Iope Bio Essence 
Nature Republic Argan Hand & Moisture Nail Pack. 

Samples – I got a ton of samples this time. I think I get more when I order through Tiffany!

Another great haul. I’m sure I’ll be buying more stuff soon!!

Author: had4567


11 thoughts on “Tester Korea Haul Unboxing”

  1. I love the herb day cleansing clothes ,but they have a ph of 7, so I was hoping to find some in my travels that have a better ph. I tested the purederm green tea ones and they have a ph of around 5-5.5 so I was super happy about that! Plus I found them at forever21.com for super cheap!

    How much were the skinfood cotton pads? I use generic ones from Walmart that are not very good 😦


  2. OMG! I have not been testing my cleansing wipes at all. How did I miss that? I will be testing them tonight! Those Purederm ones I find not wet enough so I have to use 2!

    The skinfood cotton was like 1700won and I bought it through Tiffany. Of course you have to pay shipping but it's pretty light so easy to add on to an order. It's much nicer than the ones I've been getting at Target!


  3. What a wonderful haul! I hope you'll love the gelpresso liner (I like the ones I have a lot), despite the trouble you went through to get it. The Skinfood cotton pads look like the 5 layer kind, are they? I love those the most, you can soak them in essence/toner and use it as diy masks. #kbeautybloghop


  4. This has reminded me that I need to put in a TK order pronto! I can spend hours on there whittling down my basket, then seeing more lovely stuff and having to start the process all over again! Cx


  5. I just placed my first TK order a couple weeks ago. It has shipped, so I'm just anxiously awaiting its arrival. I'll have to add those cotton squares to my order. I can't find the ones I've been using anymore; the ones I can buy locally are not my favorite. #kbeautybloghop


  6. I need to try it again as I used it a couple of times and my pores started to be clogged. I need to try it again and see if it was that or something else doing it! I liked the effect though.


  7. Hey,
    Thats a really nice haul 😊
    I was curious , how much discount do you get when you order through that facebook group?


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