LuxePineapple Ciate Box of Joy Unboxing

If you have read my blog lately you know I’ve been loving these boxes of joy from Luxe Pineapple.   I also am a big lover of nail polish so when they announced they were releasing some boxes of joy featuring Ciate nail polish you know I bought them right away!  Let’s see what I got!

First Look – I selected the mystery box so I knew I would get 1 full size and 4 minis, but I didn’t know the colors.  This was $16 shipped. 

Every box comes with great little notecard. I just love this saying!

Ciate Bourdoir. Full Size. Value $15.  A gorgeous red color. One thing to note is you don’t get a little bow with these polishes like you often get with Ciate. I could care less about the bow personally. 

Mini. Pool Party. Value $8.  Deep Azure Blue.  I love to use blue colors like this on my toe nails. 

Fair & Square Mini. Value $8. Peach & Silver Square Glitter.   I love this and have nothing like it in my nail polish collection. 

Mini Razzmatazz. Value $8. Dense Gold Glitter. Pretty!

Mini Caviar Pearls Cupids Arrow. Value $8. I love to use fun effects like this as an accent nail. These little pearls are loose and can really add texture to your nails. 

I calculate a value of $47 for this box and it cost $16. I actually had a store credit though the rewards program so I only paid $6…what??!?! Yes Luxe Pineapple has a great rewards program where you get points for every purchase and they add up fast. As always I love my box and can’t wait to see what they release next!

Author: had4567

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