Beauteque Bits & Boxes Hydration Essentials Bag Unboxing

First of all a little announcement about the posts over the next couple of weeks. My work schedule is insanely busy at the moment (I’m a CPA that manages a local tax department). So my choices are to either quit blogging for a few weeks or still post a bit more abbreviated posts. For now I’m choosing the latter so please excuse the crappy pictures, research and thoughts on the posts for the next few weeks!  I really like to use my blog to document what I get so I’m gonna try to keep blogging, even if it kills me. :).  Ok on to the unboxing. 

When I heard one of my favorite subscription box and K-Beauty bloggers Bits & Boxes was doing a collaboration bag with Beauteque I immediately knew I would buy it because I knew Sarah would pick some great products. She did not disappoint!  Let’s see what I got.

First Look

Product Card

The Face Shop Chia Seed Boosting Essence. Value $25.99. This was one of the items I was most excited to try. It’s a booster and it’s really unusual looking with a little thicker formula. I use this right after cleansing my face and I tried it out this week. It smells kind of like rose to me but the scent is quite light. I really like this. 

Benton Snail Bee Lotion. Value $19.50. This is a very light lotion with snail extract, green tea extract and bee venom. This sounds great and I know people love Benton products. I don’t use Benton products due to reasons I’m not gonna post about here (if you don’t know Google Benton contamination and form your own opinion :)). I’m sure I can swap this with someone. 

Etude House Castle Hand Cream. Value $11.50. I have wanted one of these cute little hand creams forever! This is the ice frozen version. I really don’t care about the lotion part, I just wanted the cute castle packaging. 🙂

Free Set Snail Foot Care Mask. Value $7. I’ve received this mask somewhere before and will definitely use this. 

My Beauty Diary Hyaluronic Acid Mask. Value $1.99. I’ve used this mask before and love it!

The value of this bag is $65.98 and I paid $33 for it. I bought some masks too so I qualified for free shipping. I think this is a great bag and I hope Bits & Boxes will do more collaborations like this in the future!

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