Beauteque March BB Bag Unboxing

If you read my review of my Beauteque February BB bag you know that pretty much everything that could have went wrong did go wrong with that bag. I was really hoping my March bag was an improvement. We started off well in that my bag arrived much earlier this month. Let’s see what I got. 

First Look

Product Card

The Face Shop Rice Toner. Value $14. This toner contains rice extracts and Ceramide. I have had a reaction to products with Ceramide before so I’ve been hesitant to try anything else with that as a main ingredient. I think this toner I will try out to see if I have a similar reaction. A lot of products have Ceramide and it’s supposed to be really good for your skin so I would like to know for sure if I can’t use it. 

The Face Shop Massage Cream. Value $12. This was one item you could chose and I chose cucumber. And I actually got what I picked unlike last month – hallelujah!  I may actually use this on other parts of my body other than my face since its warming up outside and my combo skin is starting to get greasy. I’m glad to have this though and I love the cucumber scent.  

A’Pieu Take My Hand Nail Sheet Pack. Value $5. This was another item we could choose and I honestly don’t remember what I picked. But I would be happy with any of the three options, so avocado is fine with me. I wear nail polish most of the time so nourishing nail sheets like this really help keep my nails healthy. 

Tonymoly Mini Bling Pocket Hair Pack.  Value $3.   This is a leave on hair treatment. I need to check the ingredients for this to make sure it’s safe for color treated hair. Honestly I kinda don’t want to use it as the packaging is so cute. 🙂

Beauteque Pore a Control Blackhead Brush. Value $15. This is a Beauteque brand product which is great for using around my nose where my Clarisonic can’t get close enough. I actually have a brush like this I got from Memebox but it’s nice to have a spare. 

Etude House Look at My Eyes Shadow. Value $9.50.  We got to choose a grouping of shadows for this one and I don’t remember what I chose for that either. But I really like this neutral color which is called Sweet Potato Latte. It’s a very pretty purple color. I think that’s an odd name as all the sweet potatoes I see are orange. Are there purple sweet potatoes in Korea?  I guess the outside can be purple?  Anyhow I’m getting off track, I love this color and will totally use this. 

Alicia Modeling Jelly Mask Pack. Value $8. You either got this brand modeling pack or a Mizon one. I got a chamomile type. I have a love hate relationship with modeling packs. I love the way they make my face feel but I hate how messy they are. 😦 

Laneila Compact Puff. I got this little makeup puff as a free gift for signing up for a 6 month sub. I can always use little puffs like this for applying makeup.

I calculate a value of $66.50 for this bag. That is full retail value so I think that’s a bit high but it’s worth more than the $23 I paid for it. I’m much happier with my bag this month and I hope Beauteque keep it up!

Author: had4567

8 thoughts on “Beauteque March BB Bag Unboxing”

  1. I was happy with this month's bag too – it is nice when you get the products you selected for sure!
    And, I got the same eyeshadow and thought, “how is this sweet potato?” – so weird!
    Overall, the variety was good! #kbeautybloghop
    Renee C.


  2. Glad this month's bag worked out much better for you than the last. I really like ceramide products and I hope the rice toner with ceramide will work out a lot better for you this time! And I totally agree with you on the modeling packs. They are so great for the skin but can be a pain to use some times. #kbeautybloghop


  3. I like ceramides and have always been curious about that line from TFS because it's so affordable, so hopefully it doesn't make your skin freak out! I tried another TonyMoly hair mask called “Angel Glow Ring” or something like that and now I'm wondering if the actual ingredients are any different than “Minibling”, lol. At least the Minibling package is cuter.


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