Little Lace Box March Unboxing

Last month’s Little Lace Box had some shipping and curation issues. I decided I’d give them another try as I really like the concept of this box. Let’s see what I got.

First Look
Product Card (Letter)

Kate Spade Water Bottle. Value $29.99.

I actually really needed a new water bottle for work so was thrilled with this one. It’s a nice glass bottle so the only downside is it is not dishwasher safe 😦   But I will survive hand washing it. Lol. I do love the gold glittery one I received and although the gold does flake off some, it’s really not bad. 

Cali Baronessa Olivia Shampoo & Conditioner. Value $31.99.  I have never heard of this brand but it looks fancy.  It’s made with olive oil and can be used with all types of hair! Unfortunately I have fairly recently found out I have a skin allergy to olive oil so I won’t be able to use this. Luckily I don’t have an issue eating things with olive oil in them as that would be awful, just can’t use it topically. 
All Natural Urban Spa Sea Sponge. Value $13.99. This is an all natural sea sponge that you can use in the shower!  I really prefer to use washcloths so not sure I will use this. 

Not pictured is 12×12 gallery wrapped mounted canvas print. Value $51.99. We received an email for this as we get to use our own picture to customize it!  I think that is a lot of fun and will be ordering as soon as I figure out which picture to use. It’s 100% free including shipping yay!

I calculate a value of $127.96 and I paid $39.99 for this. I think that is a great value but since I can’t use the hair product, don’t like the sponge, and the print will take a while to get here, I’m kinda just left with the water bottle. Which is nice but since this is a pricier box I’d like a bit more value than that (though I don’t entirely discount the print, I just don’t have it yet!)
I decided to cancel my subscription at this time. I also have been hearing a lot about the poor customer service at Little Lace Box which is disappointing. I will keep an eye on them, as I still think this is a great concept, and may resub at some point in the future. 

Author: had4567

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