The 3B Box March 2015 Unboxing

I have been wanting The 3B Box for a couple of months now. Seriously I’ve been on the waiting list since January! Well I’m off the list now and recently received the March box.

If you aren’t familiar with The 3B Box it’s a subscription box that sends deluxe samples of the most popular Asian beauty products.  So it’s basically an Asian Beauty Birchbox!  The box costs $12 a month and the past boxes I’ve seen have been great. Let’s see what I got!
First Look – it comes in a little pouch which I actually prefer since I have boxes coming out of my ears from all the sub boxes I get!
Product Card

Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Water & Emulsion. Sulwhasoo is a pricier Korean brand that I have yet to try.  It’s a little more mainstream than some other Korean brands, you actually can order it from some higher end department stores like Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. I will give these a try but I do hate when they put heavier products like emulsion in these little plastic bottles as they are a pain in the ass to get out. 🙂

Holika Holika Daily Garden Lip & Eye Makeup Remover. Now I knew before I got this box that I wouldn’t be able to use this as it has olive oil in it. I have an allergy to olive oil and I will break out terribly so I won’t use this but I will trade or sell it. I really like the Holika Holika brand so it’s nice that’s it’s in here. 

To Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack. I’ve tried this before when I bought a bunch of samples and I really like it. It’s moisturizing and leaves my skin soft and smooth!  It doesn’t smell like pumpkins though. 

Holika Holika Juicy Shine Lip Balm in Raspberry. I think every Korean beauty brand has a tinted lip balm like this and I own a few. I’ll probably pass this along to someone who will love it. 

I didn’t do a price breakdown on this box, but I do think it’s worth more than the $12 I paid for it. I do hope they mix in some different Asian brands next month since this month they are all Korean.  I’m excited to see what next month brings. 

Author: had4567

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