Skandicrush March 2015 Unboxing

Today I am going to review a bit of a different subscription box than I normally get. I purchased this box as I was looking for something different!

Skandicrush is a monthly subscription box for lovers of Scandinavian design. They send out $65-$80 of Scandinavian and Scandinavian inspired housewares. It’s on the pricey side at $55 a box. Also March was the last box before they announced they are going on hiatus to restructure some things. I’m curious to see what happens when and if they do come back to the market!  
One of the reasons I wanted this box is I do love the modern look of Scandinavian design. Being in the Midwest it’s a bit difficult to find items locally – and I don’t count IKEA!  ;). So I thought this would be fun to get. Let’s see what I got. 
First Look
Product Card

Normann Copenhagen Nyvahn Vase. From Denmark. Value $26. This porcelain and handpainted vase is so pretty and a really nice quality. I actually own very few vases and this is perfect. I put it right up on my fireplace mantel and I think it looks great. Now I just need some flowers!
On my mantel
Sagaform Herb Pot Large from Sweden. Value $34.95. This watering pot is for indoor flowers and herbs. I would love to grow something but I’m not very good with plants. The problem seems to be that I forget to water them and then I water them too much and then they die. Oops :). This pot is designed with a basin reservoir which eliminates the need for frequent watering and prevents overwatering. I hope this design can fix my water problem and maybe I can successfully grow something!

Le Studio Be-Poles Le Sac en Paper from France. Value $8. This is the only item I’m not sure what to do with. It is made with organic white and brown kraft paper. It’s quite sturdy and pretty good sized. Although this is made in France it’s very popular in Scandinavian blogs with the idea that less is more. I’ve seen quite a few pins in Pinterest on using this to store things but I really can’t put this on my floor or my dog Lucy will be all over that!  For now I have put it up.

This is the French side but it says in English on the other side a bunch of stuff about it being a paper bag and what it’s made of! 🙂

I calculate a value of $68.95 for this box which is well within the value parameters. This is not a box to get for a great value but for interesting and different items. I really was happy with the two most expensive items and am glad to have tried it for at least one month!  Hopefully they will be back soon.

Author: had4567

One thought on “Skandicrush March 2015 Unboxing”

  1. Oh I didn't hear that they closed up shop for a little bit after the March box. I just found out about them this week or the back? It's so hard to find a good Decour one. I work on the team over at Decoterie so get that one if you can let me know what you think! For now I love the Rachel Zoe box too!!


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