Beauteque Magical Mizon Bag

And I’m back after a break from blogging. My real life job interfered with my blogging schedule but now that tax season is over I’m back at it! I will be posting quite a few boxes over the next few days as I get caught up with my back log.

Today I have for you another of  the blogger series bags from Beauteque. This bag was curated by Tiffany at Sample Hime. I really like her blog and she has much Korean skincare knowledge so I jumped right on this one. Let’s see what I got!

First Look

Product Card – this bag has all products from Mizon. I have tried some Mizon products but none of the ones in this bag. 

Ampoule Essential Sheet Mask. Syn-ake. Value $3.50. There were two options for this mask and I chose the synthetic snake venom (syn-ake) version.  I have really gotten off track in my skincare the last month or so since I’ve been so busy so haven’t been using that many sheet masks. My skin is really suffering so I’m anxious to start taking better care of it again and I think this will be one of the first masks I’ll try. It looks to be a nice quality mask.

Bulgarian Rose 90% Toner.  Value $16. Moisturizing toner is one product I use twice a day after I cleanse no matter how busy I am so I can always use more. This is a nice large size and has a rose scent.  I haven’t used this yet but I like products with rose in them so will try this out soon. 

AHA 8% Peeling Serum. Value $23.99. Oooh the AHA/BHA thing is something I’ve read a bit about but haven’t tried yet. I have been wanting to add a product to my routine but honestly haven’t as you have to let AHA and BHA products to absorb for quite a while (20 min or so) and I just haven’t have time. I have heard great things about this exfoliate and I definitely am gonna try it soon. 

Acence Mark-X Blemish After Cream. Value $18. This is probably the product I was most excited for and I’ve used it many times over the last couple weeks. This is a cream to help prevent scarring and heal popped and bleeding blemishes. It has propolis which is a antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.  You need to put this directly on the blemish that is freshly picked. Don’t wait until it scabs over!  It does have a bit of an odd smell and is somewhat thick. But let me tell you this stuff is magic!!  I put it on at night and by morning my blemish is noticeably less red and puffy and well on its way to healing. I even put it on a cut I had on finger and it helped with that too. Love this!

Snail Repairing Foam Cleanser.  Value $12.  I love snail products and I do double cleanse my face at night so I can always use foaming cleanser. Great!

I calculate a value of $73.49 for this bag and I paid $35. I also had a coupon and they were having a sale so I also got 2 Etude House sheet masks with my order too.  I am really excited for the 5 really great quality products. The blemish after cream is already a holy grail product for me. I think these blogger curated bags have been great and I really hope Beauteque does more!

Author: had4567

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