Wantable April 2015 Intimates Box

My March Wantable Intimates box was a big hit so I decided to get it in April too. This month was a mixed bag but luckily Wantable has an amazing return policy so I only had to keep what I wanted.

Wantable offers several categories of boxes: accessories, makeup, intimates and fitness.  You take a short quiz to tell them what you like and don’t like. If you really hate the box, you can return it for a full refund!  Also they recently made some changes where you can easily return just the items you don’t like for a partial refund. The subscriptions are a bit pricey at $40 a month but they also have an option to skip your box so you can get them as often as you want.  You also will receive a $4 credit if you keep your entire box the month before. 

In my profile I selected that I love loungewear, tights, and leggings; like panties and socks; and dislike lingerie, shapewear and bras (I don’t really dislike lingerie and bras I just like to pick out my own. I do strongly dislike shapewear!!)

Let’s see what I got. 

First Look

Product Card 

Bedhead Tie Dye Cami Honeydew. Value $20.  This Cami has a bit more pattern than I’m used to but I really like it. It has a higher back and is very comfortable. It’s quite a stretchy material which I like as I do not like camis and tanks to be too tight and squeeze the life out of me! 

Fusion Tank XS Black. Real Underwear. Value  $32. Ok this is not a great picture but I can’t take another since I sent this back. It is an extra small and was way too tight!

Pretty Polly-OS Pretty Pattern Tights – Pretty Polly. Value $25. I do like patterned tights and I think these are cute.  However it’s way too hot where I am to wear tights right now so I sent these back.

MukLuk Slipper Socks. Value $24. Ok it’s way to hot to wear these right now too but I love these so I kept them. I think these are adorable and they will be great for the cold winter nights next winter. 

I calculate a value of $101 for this box and I paid $32 because I had $8 in credits from keeping previous boxes. I ended up returning two items for which I received back $22.57 ($8 in store credits and $14.57 refund).  So I paid $17.42 for the two items I kept which I think is a good value. 

I will say that the return process was easy and quick.  I went on the website to select what I wanted to return and was emailed a return label.  All I had to do with drop it off at the post office. The refund was processed in a little over a week. 

I thought this box was ok but I think I will skip the next month. Wantable just started a new clothing sub which I’m going to try next month!

Author: had4567


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