March Golden Tote

Whew my March Golden Tote took forever to get to me, almost a month!  Golden Tote launched their new website in March and had some major problems. I couldn’t get logged in when the tote launched so I lost out on my top picks.  Luckily they restocked a few days later and I was able to get one of my choices. 

If you are not familiar with Golden Tote click here for my previous post which explains it. This is what I got in my March small tote. This tote was $49 and due to the issues in March they offered free shipping which is one of the main reasons I ordered a small tote as I generally only get large totes. Let’s see what I got. 

Scarlet Boulevard Ivory Skinny jeans. These jeans were actually featured in the February tote as well but I didn’t know I wanted them until I saw them in tote reveals on the Golden Tote Trading Facebook page. These were my chosen item from March.  These are great skinny jeans and I will wear them quite a bit in spring and early summer before it gets too hot!

Potters Pot Blue Striped with White Panels. This was my surprise item for March. Potters Pot is a favorite brand of Golden Tote and I have a couple of items from them. They have really cute stuff and love the length and panels on this top!

I was very happy with my March tote and luckily I was able to purchase the maxi dress originally wanted from another site. The April tote choices were a little too casual for me as I like items I can also wear to work so I passed on buying a tote…at least for now!

Author: had4567

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