Barkbox April 2015 Unboxing

The theme for the April Barkbox is Fitness!  Lucy loves her Barkbox and always seems to know which box is hers even when I get a pile of boxes. Let’s see what we got!

First Look

Product Card

Fabdog Boxing Gloves. Value $14. This is a
cute and very nicely built rope toy!  Lucy snatched this up immediately and is still playing with it a few days later, which is a major feat with Lucy the toy destroyer. 

JW Pet Muscle Man Cuz. Value $4. This is a very squeaky muscle man!  We put this up for another day since Mom’s nerves were still a little raw from tax season for this much noise. Lol. 

Nootie LLC Peanut Butter Pleasers. Value $7. Lucy loves peanut butter and these were a big hit. I did have to break them in two for her as they were a little bit big but they broke easily enough. 

Green Bark Gummies Health & Vitality. Value $6. These gummie treats are made with duck morsels, are grain free and include NutraCHIA. These sound great and we will try them out soon.  

Etta Says Elk Chew. Value $3. There is often a chew in these boxes as a lot of dog like them. Lucy can’t eat chews as she always gags on them so we always give them to some other dog friends!

I calculate a value of $34 for this box and I paid $21. As usual there is a great theme and quality toys and treats and Lucy and I are very happy!

Author: had4567

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