I haven’t done an empties post for a couple of months so they have really been stacking up. Let’s see what I emptied over the last few months.

Innisfree Bija Anti Trouble Skin. I pulled out this sample from Innisfree around the change of seasons when my skin was freaking out. I have combo skin so that’s the norm when we go from winter to spring and fall to winter. I thought this skin really helped and I also used the lotion from this line but I forgot to save that. These Innisfree 10ml samples are great and it lasted me about 15 uses.  I have repurchased this to use when I have another breakout. 
It’s Skin Aloe Relaxing Toner I got this when Harlot Beauty had a Memebox Hall of Fame I think it was called. This was a great little toner and I will probably repurchase this. 
Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Skin. I really enjoy the green tea Innisfree line. It smells great and is effective. I don’t like that the weight of this product is a little heavy for everyday use for me so I probably won’t repurchase. 
Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner. Blah my skin hated this!  I used it a couple of times and my skin turned an angry red. Clearly it was too strong for my skin. 

Sum:37 Secret Repair Concentrate, Secret Programming Essence and Toner. I did a full review of these products here.
Innisfree Bija Anti-Trouble Skin & Lotion. Some more samples I used from this line.  I have to say I much prefer the other samples. These little bottles are impossible to get the product out of. 

Tonymoly Luminious Goddess Aura BB Cream. I love this BB cream as it matches my skin tone perfectly and gives me a little shimmer without turning me into a disco ball. This was a sample size I received and I am already using a full size one I ordered. 
Dr Brandt Pores No More.  First of all RIP Dr.     Brandt!   This was the first face primer I ever tried when I got it in a Birchbox. It really is a great primer and I purchased another travel size one from Sephora. It’s just so stinking expensive or I’d probably use it everyday. 
Etude House BB Cushion. Ok it’s time to confess my deep dark K-Beauty secret…I’m not a big fan of BB cushions (hides head in shame). I know they are the staple of K-Beauty makeup and I do use them on occasion. But I just prefer liquid BB cream and foundation with a wedge or beauty blender applicator.  When I do use a cushion I prefer my IOPE one so I decided to get rid of this one eventhough it was entirely used up. 

Hanskin Royal Ampoule BB. I have used several of these from Memebox and I really like it. It combines an Ampoule with BB cream and it’s really nice for winter. It’s quite expensive though and hard to find so I haven’t repurchased. But if I found it for a good price I would buy it. 

Urban Decay Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion. This is my holy grail eyeshadow primer and I have already repurchased. I actually also recently purchased the special edition Enigma one which is also quite nice. I do love that they brought back the wand applicator recently for their primer and kept the squeeze bottle though I know not everyone liked the change!

Cover girl Powder. I actually quite like this face powder but the case broke so it’s time to pitch it. I have some other face powders I’m using right now so I haven’t repurchased. 

Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray. My holy grail hair product. Already have another and a backup from Birchbox. 

Daltokki Facial Scrub. I got this from memebox and I really wasn’t a big fan. It’s kinda sticky!

Aveda Inner Peace Acne Spot Treatment. I got this from a local Aveda salon some time ago. It contains salicylic acid to treat acne. I think it worked well but I have a similar spot treatment from Innisfree that is a bit cheaper.

Kai Perfume Oil. I got this from a Fab Fit Fun box. I’m typically not a big perfume wearer but I just love this perfume oil. I much prefer oils than sprays and I can just use it on my pulse points. This perfume is a lovely, light floral scent and I have repurchased it. 

I realized this month that I never show my cleansing cloth empties although I do use them most days to remove my makeup.

Boots No 7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes. I bought a double pack of these during Ulta Cyber Monday sales and I’m quite happy with them. They have a very light scent, are quite moist and are large enough to clean my whole face. I have another pack of these to use but I would definitely repurchase. 

Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes.   I believe I got these in a Target beauty box. I think these work Ok but they don’t have a lot of product on them so sometimes I need it use two. I probably won’t repurchase because of that. 

Secret Key So Fast Hair Booster Pack. I got this in a BeautynetKorea order. I really like this wash out conditioner as it leaves my hair smooth and soft!  I have already repurchased

Neil George Shampoo & Conditioner. I got  these from a Birchbox and I thought they worked Ok but the smell was not great. I smelled somewhat chemical to me. I still used them up.  

Innerscense Shampoo & Conditioner. I got these from a Yuzen box and there was more product in these little bottles than I thought. I didn’t think these worked particularly well at keeping my hair soft and manageable so I would not purchase the full size. 

Whew that was a lot of empties. I feel pretty accomplished that I was able to empty that many things!

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